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When inquiring ourselves the inquiry ‘what is childhood? ’ and reading around the topic. it can be seen that there is no exact definition which can nail an exact reply. this is because childhood is seen as socially constructed ( McDowell. 2010 ) . Continual varying thoughts about kids which has led to claims that childhood is a societal building high spots that childhoods are non the same everyplace and that while all societies acknowledge that kids are different from grownups. how they are different and what outlooks are placed on them. alteration consequently to the society in which they live ( Greene et al. 2005 ) .

This highlights that it is non possible for childhood to be a biological province but is culturally specific and varies across clip and location including taking into account economic factors ( McDowell. 2010 ) . This can be seen here in the contrast of how kids are portrayed and look in western society compared to non-western. Children in Africa ( non-western ) Let the kids play ( Western )

This position of societal building is supported in Bronfenbrenner’s sociocultural theoretical account of development which highlights how different environmental systems impact human development. The interconnected systems help us recognize the different contexts which impact on childhood ( McDowell. 2010 ) Aries ( 1962 ) claimed that in mediaeval society the thought of childhood did non be as the kid did non busy a societal position ( Green et al. 2005 ) . This is argued by Archard ( 1993 ) as cited in Green et Al ( 2005 ) who had the belief that they merely had different thoughts about it.

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This contrasts with the western society position of today which places kids at Centre phase taking on the romantic discourse that kids are and have ever been pure and guiltless and entitled to fostering ( Newman. 2004 ) . A loving household This image highlights how the western position sees childhood. puting the kid as cardinal importance. Ideas about kids and childhood besides differ between different sectors in society. professional organic structures and authorities sections which have come to be manifested in societal policies.

An illustration of this is age restraints. Legal categorization of childhood is the chief manner in which society efforts to modulate and specify childhood ( McDowell. 2010 ) . Age restraints for events in life such as matrimony. the right to vote or imbibe. the school go forthing age. ages in which you are reprehensively responsible and the age of sexual consent have developed over clip but assorted legal restraints give kids or immature people different degrees of duties or how they should command their ain actions which vary globally ( Greene et al. 2005 ) .

Cunningham ( 2006 ) believes that a kid can discontinue to be one over clip which relates to age bounds and Torahs but we are ever a kid to our parents. Western society. in peculiar its societal policies. tends to concentrate on what kids will go. instead than children’s being. The focal point is on what they will go in the hereafter instead than the here? and? now of childhood ( Morrow. 2011 ) . In many developing universe states nevertheless. children’s functions are really different. There is more important importance of children’s labor to many family economic systems ( Morrow. 2011 ) .

In some states. child labor is prevailing and. for many kids. instruction has to suit around work committednesss. This contrasts with the developed West. where children’s work has to suit around their instruction committednesss. The precedences for kids are different. and therefore their ‘childhoods’ are different. ( Morrow. 2011 ) . Overall it can be seen that there is no in agreement definition of childhood without mention to the societal perceptual experiences within which it is experienced.