Last updated: August 18, 2019
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JROTC is not like any other High school course. JROTC it is different in many ways. Regular high school courses just teach you mostly about one subject. However jrotc teaches you about a variety of different and unique subjects. In Jrotc they teach important skills such as first aid, and speech giving. It is important for students to learn skills like that it is because you would need to know those skills for any kind of career you were going to pursue. Jrotc also differs from other high school because all the cadets also learn skills such as discipline and leadership skills.

Most students in high school leadership skills nor disciplinary skills. All students need leadership and disciplinary skills to get them through life, school, and work. For an example, you could not get a good job with out leadership skills and even if you did have leadership skills you couldn’t keep a job without any disciplinary skills. Are jrotc army instructors teach us discipline skills physically by also teaching us drill and ceremony which also teaches us how to be leaders.

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Unlike any other high school course we also get rewarded for the skills we learn in example the better the leader and the more disciplined the higher rank you will have. Jrotc is also different because it has extra curricular activities you can participate in like rifle team, drill team, or color guard. Jrotc also has a camp for building leadership, it is called Junior Cadet Leadership Challenge. Jrotc is not your average high school course. It will teach skills you will need all through out your life. This is how jrotc differs from a regular high school course.