There are many fashion trends in today’s society. Over the past years, we have seen nothing but an increased influence in fashion coming from T.V.

, music videos, and fashion magazines in molding people to possess a desire for the popular fashion. People buy clothes for their own purposes. Most people want to look better and feel better by doing it. Now, trends are strong and widespread over the population, aiding with the challenging task to make a dignified and nice image. Therefore, the fashion industry is responding to customers’ desires by providing them with the exact products for which they are looking.

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Some musicians inspired fashion designers to incorporate styles into the fashion industry. Rock and Roll made a huge impact all around the world during the 1960s and 1970s. For example, rock starts in England introduced to people, which became popular in the United States.

Also, these rock stars wore exaggerated shirts, jackets, and footwear setting fashionable trend. These fashion trends remain popular till this day (Hilfiger, 12). Along with the strong sub-cultural punk movement, that started in England. Which, at the time, unemployment rates were up among young people and the low economic status fueled the punk fashion trend. The punk movement entered the fashion industry inspiring wild hair and makeup as well as dark colors, outlandish fashion combinations, spikes and studs (http://www. ).Nowadays, Hip-hop fashion is popular all over the world.

Not only the African American are wearing the Hip-hop fashion, but all different ethnic background dress accordingly to the Hip-hop trends. For example, white people wear baggy jeans, bandannas, dew rags, baseball caps backwards, and Timberland boots untied, all component of the Hip-hop fashion. There is even a Hip-hop club in Tokyo, Japan called Club Harlem, where the most Japanese people come dressed up in the latest urban styles from the ghetto (Vibe, 132).

These people are influenced by T.V. or music videos through the world wide cable television, such as MTV. The Hip-hop fashion industry is huge.

So huge, that Hip-hop artists, are creating their own brands of clothing, and selling their products on the market. Because of these Rock stars and Hip-hop artists, designers became more daring, experimental, and glitzy in creating styles of fashion (Hilfiger, 13).According to “Hip-hop Artists Unleash Their Clothing Line Dragon,” recording artists in large quantities are moving into a position within the fashion business or expanding clothing lines that they established. The clothing lines by music stars that are already available are Sean “P. Diddy” Comb’s Sean John, Jay-Z’s Rocawear, Jennifer Lopez’s J.Lo, Russel Simmon’s Phat Farm and the like.

During the middle 1980s, fashion and music rapidly came together (Hilfiger, 13). Music stars realized that they can do more than just music. Therefore, they expanded their possibilities to become fashion icons.

The MTV is one of the elements that helped the fashion and music came together. The MTV become popular at the same time.The world of fashion and music has joined through a cable channel is MTV.

This station broadcast music videos that focus on young generations’ fashion. We can see how young people are influenced by music videos through a program called Becoming. This MTV program allows certain fans to dress up as their favorite music artists. Afterwards, these exactly like their favorite musicians’ videos. Also, MTV produces commercials that advertise designer clothing to attract viewers. Therefore, this encourages people to go out and purchase whatever they see on T.V., which brings in more capital for the fashion industry (http://mtv.

com/onair/becoming/ ).Fashion magazines also introduce a lot of designers’ clothes. They have photographs on celebrities, for instance, music artists, actors, and models’ fashion style. These pictures of celebrities are taken when they go shopping, during award ceremonies, or sometimes they pose for photographers because they want to show off their glamorous outfits. These pictures attract viewers as information. And it helps fashion industry to promote the designers’ products and popular fashion style through the magazines.

By doing so, the viewers try to imitate the celebrities’ fashion by purchasing and wearing them. The viewers know what the products are because the magazines provide the information such as prices, product names, and stores. Fashion models also help to advertise designers’ clothing in magazines. Instead of walking down the runway, we can see snapshot photos of what they are wearing up close and personal. And people that are really into fashion appreciate this because it make them easier to imitate the styles, or purchase the clothes they see the model wearing (Cosmopolitan, 66,102, 338; Marie Claire, 120).According to “Splurge vs. Steal,” there are expensive designers’ clothes, but they also introduce similar, yet, inexpensive clothing (Marie Claire, 162).

People always have a desire to purchase top quality products for a cheap price. Their desires have helped the fashion industry adjust its targets to consumers that have a lower budget on spending. Even though, the fashion industry adjusts who they target, they still can increase profit by more products being soled because of cheaper prices. Some fashion magazines introduce inexpensive clothing, similar to the expensive clothes. Based on “For the Bale on a Budget,” women are able to find affordable clothing that is in style today (Cosmopolitan, 96).As I mentioned, media influences peoples’ fashion, and it causes the fashion industry to satisfy peoples’ desires by providing less expensive name-brand clothing for the consumer with less money.

T.J.Maxx and Marshalls are the two largest off-price apparel retailers in the United States. Both T.J.Maxx and Marshalls discount 20% to 60% off the price of brand-name family apparel, domestics, and accessories.

This merchandise is priced less than other department stores’ regular prices. Customers that generally shop at these particular stores are often fashionable, yet conscious on the amount they spend. T.J.

Maxx and Marshalls keep record such as an annual report, and by doing so, they can encourage their work strength, and are capable of maintaining off-price concept. Their business is based on opportunistic buying, minimizing expenses, and providing excellent discounts. Because they built these fundamentals, they have grown and adapted ways to keep up with the latest trends which people desire to have. (http://www.hjx/frames/hjx97/ifc.html )Most people have desires to purchase quality products for their satisfaction toward fashion.

These desires are created by media and then magazines and advertisements give them information whereto get the products. And stores fulfill their satisfactions by discounting the prices off. The media brings the fashion trends to people’s daily lives which effect the fashion industry. People are becoming much more materialistic so that the fashion industry and retail businesses have to respond to their needs by creating and promoting new fashion trends.