How Fast are BarryAllen’s Fingers Moving?Name: Julissa Lopez Abstract In the CW television series The Flash, a man named BarryAllen is struck by lightning the same time the particle accelerator is set off.

Because of this he became a metahuman, and has incredible speed. This speedallows him to go speeds no normal human can go. In one episode, he uses hisspeed and his punch to hit a man made out of steel. Reading about thisinformation, I decided  wanted                           to calculate how fasthis fingers snapped in order to ignite a fire in another episode. Introduction In the series, it was said he had to break the sound barrierand reached 837 mph to punch Girder.

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 When zoomed in, it is shown that gas he is using is propane. I will findthe heat energy and the velocity at which his fingers are snapping. I will usethe specific heat formula, we learned from Chapter 18, and apply to this.Afterwards, I will use the velocity equation to find the velocity of hisfingers. 1.2.  Results The molar mass of Propane is 44.0952 g/mol, the specificheat is 1.

67 j/ mol, and the temperature where it is flammable is 400C or 743K.The average room temperature is 298K. Now adding that together we’ll get(44.10g/mol)(1.67j/mol)(743K-298K)=  32772.915 kg/m2/s-2This is the thermal energy.

To find the velocity, we are going to use 1/2mv2=Q,I used the mass of the average male finger is 100g, convert that to kilograms.We get 0.1kg. ½(.1kg)v2=32772.915kgm2s-2V2=32772.915kgm2s-2V= 572.

4763313885 m/sNow I converted this into miles/hr and got 1280.5926m/hrThis means his fingers are snapping at 1280 miles per hour!   ConclusionThe physics would be possible if superhumans existed in thereal word, however, I realized something a bit later on after my calculation. Irealized instead of thermal energy ignition, it would actually be an electricalignition. He isn’t snapping his fingers in that rate, but fast enough toactivate the speed force around him.