HOW Farmers ARE INVOLVED IN AGRICULTURAL EXTENSION PROGRAMME PLANNING IN ONDO STATE ADP. The Agricultural Development Projects ( ADPs ) were foremost launched as feasible undertakings in 1972 merely two old ages after the terminal of civil war.

when Nigeria was confronting its first nutrient and fiber daze. It started in Northern Nigerian towns of Gombe and Gusau with two pilot undertakings assisted by the World Bank. The undertakings were to be funded under a three-party understanding affecting World Bank 66 % . Federal authorities 20 % and State authorities 14 % in add-on to payments of wages of local staff. The two chief aims of the ADPs were to increase nutrient production.

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and to raise the income of small-scale husbandmans. The ondo province ADP was created after the success of the three ( 3 ) pilot undertakings in 1975 covering an LGA in 3 States.The success of the pilot strategies lead to enlargement to other LGAs and States ( Ondo province inclusive ) in the late seventies and by 1989. all the provinces of the Federation were implementing the integrated attack. The Ondo province ADP is the execution organ of the province ministry of agribusiness. Ondo State Agricultural Development Project ( ODSADEP ) is an establishment structurally divided into two Zones.

four sub-Zones. and 18 Blocks/LGAs incorporating 162 cells/circles. The accomplishable figure of farm households ( FF ) stood at 180. 000 with Eas: FF ratio of 1:1782. ( ODSADEP. 2012 ) I. ADP ZONES: Zone I ( Northern portion – covers 8 Local Governments ) ZONE II ( Southern portion – covers 10 Local Governments )The order of hierrachy in the ODSADEP starts with The Project Manager of ADP.

Mr Idowu Olabode. followed by Directors of each section. Deputy Directors. Zonal Extension officers. Area Zonal Extension Officers.

Zonal WIA. Block extension supervisor. Block extension Agents. Extension agents. Radio/TV officers.

audio ocular technican. lensman. etc. SOME OF THE EXTENSION TRAINING PROGRAMMES CARRIED OUT BY THE ODSADEP IN THE Year 2012. Title | Organizers| Categories ofTrainees| Date| No. ofTrainees| Collaborators| Orientation/Review Training on FFS| ADP| Extension staffs| 23rd-24thApril. 2012| 27| FGN & A ; AfDB| Training of Farmers ledfacilitators on FFS| ADP| Farmers | 18th-19thJuly.

2012| 34| FGN & A ; AfDB| NPFS Women Training| ADP| Women farmers| 21st-24thAug. . 2012| 268| FGN & A ; AfDB| Sensitization of WomenFarmers Group on integratedfarming. | ADP| Womenfarmers| 26th Apr-24thMay. 2012| 1. 602| Ondo State Government| Demand Driven CourseTraining ( NPFS ) | ADP| Farmers | 14th-26thJune. 2012| 201| FGN & A ; AfDB| Establishment andManagement of HomeGarden Training ( NPFS ) | ADP| Farmers | 17th-27thJuly. 2012| 186| FGN & A ; AfDB| ( beginning: OSADEP.

2012 )ILLUSTRATION OF HOW A SUCCESSFUL AGRIC EXTENSION PROGRAMME PLANNING IS CARRIED BY ODSADEP FOR FARMERS PROGRAMME: Farmers Training on Food Security in Bolorunduro in Ondo West Local Government Area. Writing and implementing an extension plan requires be aftering. Extension plan planning involves a procedure of choosing the best class of action to carry through an aim. It deals with an single extension worker’s determination. The precise patterns vary well as state of affairss differ from one another.

nevertheless. the undermentioned stairss in planning should be taken into consideration: Collection of facts: .This includes facts about the small town people of Bolorunduro in Ondo West Local Government Area. Ondo State.

Their physical conditions. bing farm & A ; place patterns. tendencies & A ; mentality. Besides. other facts about their imposts. traditions.

rural establishments. peoples’ administrations runing in the country. etc. should be collected. 2. Analysis of the state of affairs – After roll uping facts.

they are analysed & amp ; interpreted to happen out the jobs & A ; demands of the people. 3. Designation of problems- As a consequence of the analysis of facts the of import spreads between ‘what is’ & A ; ‘what should be’ are identified & amp ; the jobs taking to such a state of affairs are located.

These spreads represent the people’s demands which is nutrient insecurity. 4. Determination of objectives-the purpose of the preparation was to develop farmers’ groups on how to use the cognition and accomplishments which they will get during the preparation in attempts to accomplish nutrient security. to develop husbandmans in all facets of agriculture and nutrient production. farm direction and to maintain the farmers’ groups alive to enable them to hold some joint benefits in the undertaking. 5. Developing the program of work – the calendar of activities is developed Operation| Teaching objective| Teaching methods| Time table| Staff to make the job| Training on nutrient security| 1.

to develop husbandmans in all facets of agriculture and nutrient production. farm direction andto maintain the farmers’ groups alive | LectureVisual aids| 12th-15th April. 2012| Extension agents| 6. Execution of the program of work – agreement for providing the necessary inputs. learning AIDSs.

extension literature etc. Was being made available & A ; the specific action was initiated. 7. Evaluation – here. measuring of the grade of success of the programme in footings of the aims & A ; ends are set Forth.

This is fundamentally done to find the alterations in the behavior of the people as a consequence of the extension programme. The rating is done non merely of the physical accomplishments but besides of the methods & A ; techniques used & amp ; of the other stairss in the programme-planning procedure. so that the strong & A ; weak points may be identified & amp ; necessary alterations made. 8.

Reconsideration – The systematic & A ; periodic rating of the programme will uncover the weak & A ; strong points of the programme. Based on these points the programme is reconsidered & A ; the necessary accommodations & A ; alterations are made in order to do it more meaningful & A ; sound.MentionsOndo State Agricultural Development Programme ( 2012 ) : ondo province agricultural development programme Akure. national agricultural extension reappraisal and be aftering Meeting study for twelvemonth 2012