Last updated: April 18, 2019
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High school has helped me to fix for the existent universe and the outlooks of me. Not merely it has prepared me to recognize the chances in life. but it besides helped me to work better. The instructors taught me the basicss of the topics that will assist me for the remainder of my life.

I didn’t learn much from their instruction manners every bit good as including what they have expected of me. The most hard portion in high school was I didn’t larn how to better my surveies. Even though I didn’t bother caring about it until the last minute. I still didn’t cognize how to inquire for aid. Now that I know that I have a job with topics. I must inquire for aid and inquire inquiries.

This clip. I am traveling to seek better and concentrate more on my surveies. Besides I am traveling to be more prepared on what the professor is traveling to learn me and being more aware of my surveies.

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What worked for me was by taking notes during my categories and traveling over it until I understand it. But the thing that didn’t work for me was the talks that were given by the professor.

What I expect from college is that. I want to larn the tools and the accomplishments that will assist me towards my calling. In order to hold a better life every bit good as future. I have to construct a life of my ain based on the accomplishments. techniques. and the manners that I have acquired during my stay in college.