How media affects the governmentOver the recent years media has proved itself to be very influential in our everyday lives it is a set of online technologies, sites and practices which are used to share one another’s opinions, experiences and different people’s perspectives. It is primarily about conversation related to the traditional media it is the present nature of social media is to be relatively interactive. Media Is a changing landscape that consumes society’s time and attention, just as television did not replace the media channels that existed before its arrival. The growth of social and modern media in the last decade has produced widespread change as new social practices, strategies and ways of doing business. Media has become a part of our everyday lives. The impact of new media has not been as convenient as in other areas of media.

The near controllable network presented multiple challenges to the traditional information of the practices of government officials as well as opportunities for engagements. One great thing about media is the involvement in the media spectrum which allows you to engage in different types of involvement which include passive, active, and engaged this is very important due to the fact that these are very important in what is keeping the spectrum together. One of the first things in your company/ organizations is just too simply listen what’s being said about you and your fellow co-workers. Social media monitoring tools help discover what’s being said about you company for example someone bad mouthing you on Facebook  saying how your company is apparently ripping people off  which lower your profits you can use network monitoring to find out who is saying these things. Another part of the spectrum includes Active involvement in which case a company advisor for example has listened for a while and can understand the tone and concerns of the social media community, you become more active.

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For example, posting links of information to help people answer questions they have or the other way around, or actively correct a mistake on someone’s Blog, forum, or Wikipedia. Ultimately, your organization can become fully engaged in activities this enables you to create a social networking site for example Facebook, and regularly introduce content for discussion, or establish a profile on twitter and begin to contribute and actively post and answer questions