How to Install a Pedestal SinkThinking about redesigning your old vanity? Wants to add a cost-efficient yet stylish sink to your compact bathroom? Then the pedestal sink is the best answer for you.If you are having trouble with a small bathroom space, then try to install a pedestal sink instead of the vanity. These are very space efficient and elegant as well. This type of sink will add a new look to your bathroom in your budget.What is a pedestal sink:A pedestal sink is consists of two parts, a pedestal which acts like the stand and the sink. The pedestal also houses the plumbing .

the sink is balanced on the pedestal and mounted on the wall by brackets. But before going for a pedestal sink, you have to consider whether it is enough for your need. You have to give up the luxury of the vanity, as it comes with the cabinet. Though adding a wall shelf may help a lot in this case.Tools required:•    Pedestal;•    Sink;•    PVC pipes;•    Plumber’s putty;•    Saw;•    Wrench;•    Drill bits;•    Screws;•    Drywall;•    P -trap.

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Steps to Install a Pedestal Sink:Find the perfect match: Finding the perfect set can be pretty tricky sometimes. There are different types of design for different purposes. So keep that in mind.

Calculate and measure the height of the sink and buy a pedestal likewise. Take note of the current position of the plumbing and match the design accordingly.Decide whether the plumbing will be totally hidden or visible.

Also, consider your floor and wall condition.Also, don’t forget about the brackets. Find the perfect bracket set as for your requirement.Remove the previous vanity:Turn off the water line first. Then cut the lines.  Remove the top carefully.

Loose the screws of the vanity base. Remove the base. Take out all the previous hangout screws from the wall.  Put these parts aside.Make sure to check all the plumbing is okay to use again. You can replace the plumbing at this stage if needed.

Drill, drill, drill:Drill the wall for mounting the support and brackets for the new sink. Measure the height of the drilling properly.  Insert the support and brackets there. You may need to drill your floor as well. After properly adding the support, add some drywall to secure the holes.Put the hardware:Before installing the sink, attach all the hardware such as the taps, valves and handle to their proper place. Connect the supply lines to the taps at the downside of the sink.

Screw them properly. Never over tighten the screws.Connect the drain:Apply enough plumber’s putty to the flange and attach it to the sink. Attach the drain to the flange. Connect the water supply line the main source.

Connect the p-trap.Draw the outline:Draw the required space outline for your base on the floor and on the wall for the sink. Find the center line of the sink and pedestal to install it properly. Match the hole of the setup to your supports.Set the pedestal:According to the previously drawn outline, mount the base on the floor. Attach it to the supports. You may need additional support regarding your design.

Assemble all:Assemble the base and the sink. Mount the sink with the help of the brackets and bearing on the wall. Adjust the weight of the sink by balancing it with the base. Hide the plumbing:Though visible plumbing also looks good, many bases have space to hide the plumbing.

So if you decide to hide the plumbing insert it within the pedestal.Floor and wall:After getting done with the installation of the sink itself, take note of the floor and the wall. You may need some additional painting on the wall or add new tiles to the floor. Final thoughts:A pedestal sink can add a luxury to your bathroom without costing you so much money. Do a proper research about the designs of the sink. So you can get the best that will go well with your bathroom space.

Follow the steps mentioned above. This way you can install a pedestal sink like a professional all by yourself.