Last updated: February 24, 2019
Topic: Society
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“The question of how to attract and keep our young people close to the Church is one of major concern in our troubled age. To remain indifferent to this problem can only be regarded as a grave sin and is an indication of soul-destroying self-love. ” This is the viewpoint of the Rev. Fr. Rodion Laskowsk whose words transcend society’s dictations and arrest every beat of the listener’s heart. Though seemingly inexplicable at times, there is that nudge in the stomach which drives the young to embrace the doctrine.

There is an increasingly negative view of young people in Jamaica, both in the church and society. The voice of the church is still respected by many people, even those who are not out rightly affiliated with one. This places the church in a strategic position to influence society positively to change its attitude towards young people and to nurture youths in the seed of involuntary worship. Unfortunately, the image of the church, as revealed by a contemporary era, has been waned and demystified, owing to a negligence of its members to guide the youths in the marathon of life.

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Certainly, this duty should not be left solely upon the church; however, it is best believed that this social institution does not fall short when it concerns influence and inspiration. “If the church is to succeed in increasing the profile of young people in society, it must start by destroying the walls of injustice within the church that suck life and hope from young people,” Kabelo Matthews Ruda- social commentator. At present, there exists a plethora of lawlessness and inequity.