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If you want to catch your boyfriend/husband/soul mate whatever you call him in a lie this is how you do it: Just ask him a question that you really want to know. Try to be as blunt and direct as you possibly can, without getting mad, and ask him the question. Now, the trick is to catch him off guard. So just when yall doing some regular stuff and he just says something like: “Baby, I’m fin to go to the gas station to get some sour gummy worms and some Vitamin Water, you want something? You just come out of nowhere and ask him” Baby, who’s Shaniqua or where were you last night or who’s this girl on your phone” or whatever question you want to ask him. And if his immediate answer to that question after that is “HUH?!?!? ” Then everything that he says after that is an absolute lie!! Believe it or not, that nano second it took him to say “huh” he’s already thought of 3 lies that you are 75% likely to believe.

And if you unknowingly repeat yourself by asking the same question then he’s noticed that and before you can finish the question He’s already got 1 out of those 3 lies have just came out his mouth. However, if you then say, after he’s says “Huh”, is “Don’t say nothing else cause everything you bout to say is a complete lie! ” You as mature young ladies have done a job well done and you should be so proud of yourself you should go to McDonalds and buy yourself a milkshake.

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