This module will be assessed in two main ways – a group presentation (40% of the marks) and an examination (60% of the marks). The details of the presentation scenario are contained within this booklet and students are advised to read them carefully before embarking on this assessment. The group presentations will take place during the seminars. All group members must be present for delivery of the presentation. Presentation groups should be made up of 5 students. Presentations should be 15 minutes in length followed by 10 minutes of questions.

The assessment criteria are attached to this document and it is important that all students have read and understood the assessment criteria. Students are NOT required to submit a copy of the presentation to the Business School office but should bring two printed copies of the presentation to give to class tutors when you formally present. Activity Presentation Title: Matching HRM and competitive strategies (Based on a Case Study by Lupton (2006) Manchester Metropolitan University).

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Scenario You are a team of HR consultants and have been asked to advise three companies in the development of their HR strategies.The key requirement is that in each case you recommend an approach to managing human resources that matches and is appropriate to the particular competitive strategy that the firm is pursuing. Background information Consider the following brief descriptions of the business strategies of each company, all of which make office furniture. 1.

Benchill & Sons Benchill make a narrow range of basic office furniture: desks, chairs, cabinets and the like. Their approach is to manufacture and sell their products as cheaply as possible and to keep profits high by selling in high volume.Benchill don’t pretend that their furniture is better than their rivals (it most certainly isn’t, though it – usually – meets a certain basic standard). However, by keeping the price down they can undercut the competition, and as such are a favoured supplier for bulk buyers for who cost and not quality is the primary concern.

However, other companies also adopt this strategy and this means that there is a constant pressure to keep costs down in order to remain competitive. Furniture designs are kept simple, so that there is no great Group taskYou have been asked to design an HR strategy that matches and is appropriate to each company strategy and design a presentation to portray these HR strategies. First of all, think about how the three competitive strategies differ from each other – you should summarise each strategy in a few words. Then, answer the following three questions: 1 Identify and justify the employee behaviours and attitudes you would seek to encourage in each company.

2 Critically explore which human resource practices are likely to enable and reinforce the kinds of behaviours that you wish to encourage in each company.