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The HTC Aria is compact, feature rich smart phone that runs on Android version 2. 1 with HTC’s Sense user interface. It has a 5-megapixel camera, GPS, Bluetooth, and supports Wi-Fi and 3G networks. I have decided to review this online manual based, in part, to the fact that I have recently purchased one and would like to know a little more about this product. This is the link for the user manual for the HTC Aria smart phone. http://member. america. htc. com/download/Web_materials/Manual/HTC_Aria_ATT/100521_Liberty_ATT_English_UM. pdf The manual is incredibly detailed.

The table of contents layout suggests the internal organization is not organized by importance. It seems it is organized primarily chronologically, though some areas are spatially organized. The figures added to the manual are the areas I see the most spatial organization. I must admit that the sheer volume of information provided did overwhelm me; but, the symbols provided at the beginning of the manual did help to keep the confusion at a manageable level at least, in most areas. I was unimpressed with the title and overall organization at the beginning of this manual.

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The title page simply states the name of the phone and in no way conveys what the phone is capable of. It was not enticing in the least or informative. After the title page, the table of contents appears and then a basic breakdown of what you will find inside the box. At this point we see a little spatial organization which is continued at various points throughout this manual. I did like this simple front, back, and side breakdown of the phone even though I thought it could do with more colorful graphics and callouts.

The manual used photographic words throughout, which made it much more specific but also a tad boring. Though, I doubt there is such a thing as a truly entertaining user manual. The photographic word usage is clearly apparent throughout the entire manual. Though, the development is most apparent towards the end in the phones specifications. My biggest qualm with this manual was that it did not provide a glossary. I am familiar with a lot of the terminology, but a glossary would have been an exceedingly beneficial