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hair is comprised of three sections the cuticle,
medulla and the cortex. Medulla is the middle part of hair and is encircled by cortex
that is a rough keratin. Outer layer of hair is comprised of cuticle. Hair is
viewed as a part a part of biological system. The hair follicles, sebaceous gland and arrestor pili
muscle are present in hair biology. Follicles are the point of hair growth and
if sebaceous gland infected pimples appear on skin. The arrestor pili
produce goose bumps in case of any disturbance.

Two sorts of melanin,
eu-melanin and pho-melanin, add to the shade of human hair. Darker hairs have eu-muelanin
while the red have pho-melanin. Chromophore is basically the molecule
that controls the color of hair. Color of hair is then main factor that play an
important role in absorption of laser light. That is why the patients with dark
hair and light complexion receive good results of laser treatment while the
patients of brown hair with light skin tone may need several sessions for good
results. Furthermore the dark people with dark hair also face skin burning
issue when they are subjected to laser process.

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Working of laser to get rid of unwanted hair:

To clear undesirable
hair laser is connected the entire region as opposed to destroying singular
hair so this treatment is faster as compare to electrolysis. But the skin can
be demerged if laser is not carefully used. The mechanism of laser is that the hair
absorbs the exited wavelength and is repelled by the skin. Before the treatment
the hair of patient are trimmed and then a cooling gel type lotion is applied
on the skin for rapid cooling of skin. This system secures the skin burning by overheating
of laser waves.

The laser hit the
specific melanin and destroys it. The laser that is emitted has a specific wavelength
with a property of absorption by hair and reflection from skin. The follicle
that is the source of hair production is killed during the process. But it is
not sure that you will not get hair again. The growth of hair will be minimal
and almost 90% people receive the results of their desire.

Same type of laser is
not used to treat all parts of the body. The laser depends upon the skin tone,
the hair color and structure. If the skin and the hair take same amount of
laser then it will not be in this case the wavelength of laser
varies according to the requirement. For instance the laser with wavelength 775nm
is use for light skin tone while 1064 nm laser is invented to treat dark


The best laser is
said to be that have wider laser beam, shorter width of pulse and has high
energy.  A laser that is perfectly
absorbed by hair and reflect by skin also required session for best results. In
hair production the phases are involves that are catagen, anagen and
tolagen.  Laser gives best result when
the hair collagen is active and it is active in catagen stage. The expected
period of this treatment is 4 to 8 weeks for the expected results.