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For this website review of human resource websites, it will cover the websites www. shrm. org and www. ifebp. org. Each one of these websites is a great site to use as a resource for their own respective category inside of human resources. This review will compare the same questions to keep the measurements fair, and will provide screenshots to use as demonstrations to provide visions throughout the paper. The first website that will be reviewed is www. shrm. org. SHRM stands for “Society for Human Resource Management”.

The mission and purpose of SHRM is to produce a community open to a wide range of customers including human resource professionals, governments, media, businesses, to talk about the human resources and how effective they are. Another mission is also to educate and provide research for their customers. (http://www. shrm. org/about/history/Pages/default. aspx) This website plays an important role in human resources because it is a place where people can go and learn about all of the aspects included in human resources, compared to the other site focuses only on one area which you will see further along in this paper.

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As stated in the mission statement, SHRM serves to human resource professionals, media, government, non-government organizations, business and academic institutions. All of the people who are being served have a great need for human resource management and information. SHRM is an individual organization, but has several people holding titles from President to Legal Counsel. There are a total of fourteen positions that people hold. According to the website over fifty percent of the members work in organizations of five hundred people or more. (http://www. shrm. org/ABOUT/pages/default. spx) This means that these people who sit on the board are involved with large corporations where human resources can be more complex compared to small business. Please see screen shot below to see full list of all fourteen positions. [pic] The SHRM website is very easy to navigate around, and easy to learn about certifications and education programs they have to offer. They offer a wide range of classes and certifications you can achieve depending on who you are. If you are a company they have programs that teach you about laws, recruiting, compensation, and benefits.

If you are an individual interested in learning about diversity, the pros and cons, and how to implement it into your team, you can take an education program just geared towards that. The screen shot below will show some programs they offer, as well as you can see at the top how easy it is to find “Education” programs. As you may be able to tell, membership is needed [pic] As you may be able to tell, membership is needed to be involved in the SHRM community. I am not sure about the rates for the membership fees, but if you want to take the educational programs or become certified in anything that is an additional cost as well.

As you may be able to tell from the screen shot above there are areas to click on for publications and conferences to attend. There are both virtual and physical publications SHRM distributes. You can sign up for email alerts, newsletters, books, and magazines. You can also attend conferences, but that will come with a fee depending on the conference. There are external job opportunities at SHRM’s website. When I say external I mean that you can apply to companies other than SHRM. You can also post your resume for employers to seek and contact you.

Personally, I believe I would find the companies who are hiring and go to their websites to apply that way. Overall, this site is pretty easy to use and navigate around. The site is very user friendly, which could be complex since the site deals with a complex issue. The biggest downfall I see is that pricing is hard to find for membership, or other programs SHRM has to offer. I didn’t find the pricing for membership, and found some of the pricing for conferences and education programs only after navigating for a while. The other human resource website I reviewed is www. febp. org. IFEBP stands for “International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans”. The mission and purpose for IFEBP is to provide education and source of employee benefits, compensation, and financial education. (http://www. ifebp. org/AboutUs/MisVis/) This website plays an important role in human resources because it plays an important role in teaching employees and employers about benefits and compensation. Compared to the other website where it looked at human resources as a whole, IFEBP looks at a specific section within human resources.

IFEBP serves to Canada, public employee, corporate/single employer, multiemployer, and service providers. This means that a company can belong to this site where anyone can grant with access can look around, or people who are employees so they can further educate themselves. Companies may join this site to become more aware of trends, and how to have better employee benefit practices for the entire company. There are over 34,000 members who belong to IFEBP. (http://www. ifebp. org/Membership/FAQ/) Please see a screen shot below of all the different sectors.

IFEBP is a non-profit organization, which has a nine-member executive member board that serves the company’s leadership roles. Roles range from President to Secretary. Also, a past President sits on the board. [pic] The IFEBP website offers educational programs and certificate programs to its members. The site offers a wide range of educational programs from “e-learnings” to books and even webcasts. (http://www. ifebp. org/Education/Schedule/) In addition they offer conferences, which members or non-members can attend as long as they pay the fee that varies depending on the conference.

Some of the education programs they offer vary from 401(K) plans, Managing Vendor Relations, Health Care Cost Management, Investment Basics, and the list goes on. I believe a lot of these educational opportunities could be very beneficial especially for an individual. The educational section is very easy to operate as long as you know what kind of program you are looking for. Similar to the first review, IFEBP requires a membership and the educational teachings cost additional to your membership fees. The pricing for membership fluctuates depending on the sector that you belong to.

The sectors are the groups IFEBP serves that I mentioned above which included employees, employers, etc. Also similar to the first website, you can sign up for email alerts, and newsletters. You can also attend conferences, which has a fee to attend. There are both virtual and physical publications distributed by IFEBP. One additional thing IFEBP has to offer is that you can create an ad to send out to the members, this is found under the “Reach Our Members” heading. (http://www. ifebp. org/AboutUs/ReachOurMembers/default. htm) Please see screen shot below.

You can apply for both internal and external jobs at IFEBP. You can apply directly to IFEBP, or they have a section for you to apply at other employers and upload your resume for employers to view and reach out to you. Again, I believe it is better to apply at the employers direct website, not through a third party. I again feel the same way about this site as I did with the first one. It is very user friendly, and it makes it easy to see all the different topics they cover in employee benefits. Again, pricing is the only downfall, as it seems they try to hide the pricing from you for as long as possible.

One cool fact I learned from their website is that there is a National Employee Benefits Day on April 4th. (http://www. ifebp. org/AboutUs/NEBD/) Overall, I feel as if both of these sites were similar even though they served different purposes. They were both very easy to use, provided education and certificate programs, and have conferences. They both give you an opportunity to apply for jobs at various employers while posting your resume for employers to view. However, IFEBP also gives you the opportunity to apply to work there as well.