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Humans are affecting the environment, If we don’t start cleaning up, we might have to find new planet to colonize, (Stephen Hawking a british scientist, professor, and an author). Possibly causing the earth to become a place where we could no longer live on. Humans are causing, overpopulation, pollution, global warming, climate change, genetic modification, ocean acidification, water pollution, deforestation, acid rain, and ozone depletion. Humans have also gotten animals extinct because the animal could be valuable where you live and worth money. People hunt down elephants for their ivory tusks to be sold.  In the ocean there has been trash and around South America there’s a trash island and it’s pretty much a bunch of trash that turned into an island hurting the ocean and animals as well as sea creatures. No one lives on the remote pacific island but the island is covered in about  37 to 38 million pieces of trash. Most of the forest fires that have been started in California and Washington have been started by humans too. Our planet is calling for help and telling us to rethink our living lifestyles and what we can do to improve them to benefit our environment. It is time to create an action plan which starts by cleaning up after ourselves. A cleansed environment is important for a more healthy lifestyle. The more we don’t protect our environment, the more it will become polluted with bad contaminants and horrible toxins that have a harmful impact on our well being too. Air sustains us and water is a basic necessity, so we should just do what we can to prevent pollution. “When the earth is sick and polluted, human health is impossible…. To heal ourselves we must heal our planet, and to heal our planet we must heal ourselves.” (Bobby McLeod an Aboriginal Activist and a poet). Earth is our home and we need to decrease the littering, hurting animals, and we need to create less pollution in the air. People take care of their body and eat healthy but it’s a want to have to do that not a “maybe next time.” We all need to provide, help, and clean up our planet and give earth more time to live.The opposition believes that humans are not hurting the environment, its nature itself that is affecting the environment. Shown by the most recent Hurricanes and earthquakes they have both destroyed many cities and have killed a lot of people. Hurricanes Katia, Nate, Maria, Irma, and Harvey have been the most recent hurricanes this year. The worst hurricanes this year have been Harvey, Irma, and Maria have been category 3 hurricanes. In Mexico they experienced a category 2 hurricane and they also had 2 earthquakes too. In Puerto Rico they had a category 3, which was Maria, she destroyed a lot of the land and killed about 900 people and it last about 6 days in September 2017. This year so far, there has been 11,594 earthquakes around the world, the most common were in Mexico, recently San Diego, and in Iran there was a 5.1 earthquake. The worst earthquake was in Chile, the year 1960 a 9.4 earthquake that lasted 10 minutes, resulting in a  tsunami that affected south of Chile, Hawaii, Japan, the Philippines, east of New Zealand, southeast of Australia and the Aleutian Islands, (Mike Kelly a social affairs correspondent). The tsunami in Chile that had waves hit the coasts of Chile and the waves went up to 82 ft. The big tsunami traveled across the Pacific Ocean and devastated Hilo, Hawaii. The waves were about 33 to 35 ft were recorded 6,200 mi from the epicenter, and as far away as Japan and the Philippines, from the Chile earthquake. Forest fires aren’t always started by humans they can be started by lightning or hot winds, in California there is currently a bunch of fires that was caused by the Santa Ana winds that can reach up to 25 kilometers an hour, the Santa Ana winds are hot winds that move really fast and can make a fire spread pretty fast. Mother nature is surely throwing some curveballs at Earth and that is causing lots of deaths and natural disasters, leaving people devastated. Humans are not hurting the planet as much as earth itself that’s creating a lot of natural disasters. Chile earthquake: Humans hurt the environment One of the biggest impacts humans have on the aquatic systems is excess nutrient inputs. Nutrients, like nitrogen and phosphorus, are a must for the health and survival of aquatic plants and animals. However, humans introduce large totals of nutrients, fundamentally through overuse of fertilizers. A lot of nutrients can rapidly decrease water quality by causing overgrowth of bacteria and algae that use oxygen necessary for species to survive. The most of the air pollution is the result of human activities. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, human activities are responsible for an uprising in temperature around the world. This increase in temperature is leading to changes in where crops can grow and where certain fish or animals can be found, all crucial for feeding an increasing human population. The rise in global temperatures is also causing glaciers to melt, releasing water that causes sea levels to rise and threaten coastal communities that rely on coastal resources. Humans need to start cleaning up and creating a better place to make our planet healthyWe need to create a better place and environment There are several simple things that people can do on a daily basis to lower their impact on the environment. Taking public buses, biking or walking instead of driving will lower carbon dioxide emissions. Reducing the amount of fertilizer applied to gardens and lawns will lessen the amount of water pollution. This will also benefit drinking water and your health. Using less energy in your house can lessen the amount of pollution put into the air by coal burning power plants. Any activity dealing with energy consumption can lead to positive impacts on our environment. Humans need to see this and react to the crisis we are facing with our environment.