Hunting, a tradition enjoyed by generations, convened by families across the world, provides much needed food to families and ways for family members to bond. In many areas of the United States the act of killing helpless animals, recreational hunting season, acts as a holiday to many. Children taking off of school, some school districts allot days off specifically for hunting. Although maintaining the wild game population is important to our ecosystem, the animals have no say in whether hunting be allowed.

A grotesque sport that feeds off killing, takes lives of animals and makes them a mockery. Similarly, people who commit terrible crimes receive the same level of treatment as the helpless animals do. Capital punishment has been used in cases since the eighteenth century and can be found in almost every historical religious text (Death Penalty Information Center). Hammurabi came up with this code in the eighteenth century, Hammurabi stated killers must be killed.

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The most of the world has agreed with this code until recent centuries. Capital punishment has been apart of the United states since the country’s birth in 1776 (Reggio). Majority of states have kept the punishment in their legal system today, the states that have gone against the death penalty have outstanding reasons to oppose the cruel act and to keep it opposed. The reforms put in place attempt to change or conform the cruelness of capital punishment. Capital punishment must be eliminated due to its unfair nature and its unethical process. Capital punishment must be eliminated due to its misuse of human rights through the misuse of drugs, methods used, and the length of wait time.  Some will say that these people on death row do not deserve rights because of what they have done is downright uncalled for. These people are human beings and are not being treated as such.

The drugs used in lethal injection, regulated by the Food Drug Administration sometimes faultiness can oucer. Inmates, according to Doyle, say the FDA acted improperly when dealing with the sodium in the lethal injection mixture (Doyle). FDA must care for inmates drugs, just as they would a dying cancer patient. The drugs administered to the inmates are lethal and treated as such. The level of care put into the testing and manufacturing of firearms should at least be the same level of other lethal injection.

When the drugs companies stop producing the drugs due to their inhuman nature. These drugs like most run out, when the drugs run out they need to be replaced. This means the state needs to buy more and not cut corners.

Dennis was administered, according to Barber, lethal injection by Ohio with a combination of untested drug after running out of its normal injection (Barber). States have used untested and unapproved combinations to execute inmates. Untested drugs could led to botched executions and outrage from the community. This type of scenario, not uncommon, with others not able to find a vein or even worse taking several hours to die. After sentenced to death, ” a condemned Arizona man being executed for murder gasped for nearly 2 hours before dying late Wednesday” (Jonson). Lethal injection supposedly a quick process that takes barely several minutes. Many inmates choose this method because of the supposed swiftness, over the electric chair, hanging, or firing squad. Lethal injection, must take precise time and with even a quarter of an ounce off can spell disaster for the injected.

Out of the many ways that lethal injection can go wrong, the most painful and agonizing, when the doctors can not find the vein. The doctors must resort to finding other means of veins for the patients, even in cruel places. Lockett knows this experience too well, ” The medical team couldn’t find suitable veins in Lockett’s arms, legs, neck and, feet leading them to insert the needle in his groin”(Kuklin) Lockett never would have expected the doctors to put a needle in his groin when sentenced to death. This method proves to be inhuman and has no regard for the  inmate.

Whether the needle will insert into the groin or a untested drug will be administered cannot be argued against.  The inhuman treatment of people with the death penalty shows when the misuse of drugs, methods used, and length of wait time are involved.    Capital punishment should not continue due to the unfairness of the selective process as seen through the execution of innocent, mental state, and racism.

The process established by the state was set up with consideration. Opponents argue, parts of the selective process have been well thought out. When DNA technology was brought to light, DNA exonerated many.

Prisoners from prisons across the nation were set free, sending many back home. According to author Tom Lonstin, an inmate pushed for DNA testing, which led to his innocence, having different clothes fibers than the victim (Lonstin). In the instance of this minuscule detail, led to the innocence of a inmate. When on death row every detail, small or large, life or death.  The sixth amendment claims every citizen has the right to a speedy and public trial, the public does not have all of the information then could led to hasty judgement and persecution. (Staff) The judgement made on prisoners usually made quickly, a case involving the mentally handicapped always has judgemental factors.

These factors include the legitimacy of an illness or how much handicap the person has. Inmates can “question” their mental state as close as three days before the trial. According to Robert Barnes, 50 hours before the trial the defendant’s mental state by his lawyers to buy time (Barnes). The system, flawed in many ways once again fails allowing inmates to have extended time before trials. These claims of mental illness can never dismissed outright because of the severity in this field. Discrimination in the selective process can range from the mentally ill to one’s race. Racism in this country is live and prominent, appearing in the workplace, the classroom, and the courtroom. When a black man, found guilty after a life sentence the juror stated, “”. of the jurors commented, “the nigger got what he deserved.” His then current wife gave us an affidavit in which she attested that he harbored racist bias…”” (141).

These racial biases have affected cases throughout history and around the world. Racist jurors have made fair cases unjust and have led to unright and unfair verdicts. Capital punishment has horrible effects on people through unbiased selective process by the execution of innocent, mental state, and racism. Capital punishment proves to be more costly than keeping inmates with a life sentence, therefore, capital punishment should not continue. Common thought would include ending a life which seems more expensive then to keep one alive. Most do not look at the whole picture when analyzing cost of capital punishment, all factors must be considered. The factors included the appeal process, convicting process, and of course the method of execution.

The biggest expenditure was found to be the appeal process, the process alone in Ohio on average takes up to four years. (Parks) These are staggering numbers that the opposition blindly disregards, this part of the process is only one-third of the entire process. The nation on average takes twelve and a quarter year to complete.

(44) Unlike other nations, the United States allows each state to have its own procedure for handling appeals. (41) This law allows states like California, with over crowded death row inmates to quickly get through as many cases as possible. When time between sentencing could be as little as thirty days, this does not seem like adequate time to be spent on someone’s life. (Kulin) Many believe that methods of killing are very cheap, leather injection can cost up to 1,300 dollars and that is the most common choice for prisoners. Majority of states only allow this method as it is very popular, but risks being discontinued due to lack of drugs by the drug companies.

Capital punishment system clearly not thought out as it is timely and costly, for these reason it should be outlawed.Capital punishment should not continue because there are better alternatives such as life in prisonment, life with parole, and rehabilitation. Many people believe that killers have no way to be rehabilitated back into society, however some convicts have made their mistakes under the age of eighteen. How can someone be sentenced to life for something that happened before their brain was fully developed. Most inmates aren’t even given the chance to make changes because of the system. In one particular case one individual was rehabilitated to even passing the bar exam and completed law school. (72 Parks) The system has made it so once prisoners are released from prison they have very little to no chance at rehabilitation, they will always be stuck as a prisoner.

Life in prison keeps the person life, well almost making a harsher sentence on that individual. Inmates can have good behavior and show major signs of rehab like the ged, going to church and contributing by working. These acts are see by a appeal committee that determines whether or not a person is eligible for parole. Many believe that most prisoners can not be rehabilitation, that could not be less true. The stigma that there is no rehabilitation for “dangerous” criminals has been debunked, therefor we should allow prisoners to gain the access to life with parole and possibly no parole. When prisons are overcrowded like California that has seven hundred inmates on death row,    Capital punishment should not continue due to the misconception that the punishment deters crime. Many believe that the death penalty deters crime, that is only a old thought that does not keep up with today’s standards.

A more effective way to deter crime is through more law enforcement. (30) This seems to be a safe way because people respect on authority compared to just a punishment that is not definite and tangible. Even after committing a crime murders did not believe they would be caught. (59) This surprising study proves that if the murders do not believe they will be caught how does the punishment deter them. People believe in states that do not have the death penalty murder rates skyrocket, two states in particular Hawaii and Alaska have less murder rates after abolishing the law. (35) The criminals in states without the death penalty are not more dangerous, not even showing signs of raised crime rates.