I am currently a senior atLundquist College of Business (LCB), University of Oregon, majoring inAccounting. I have decided to pursueMaster of Accounting degree at LCB, since LCB has changed me as a person, and I would love tostay here to continue my graduate studies. LCB has been providing me with anunderstanding of the business world as well as offering me a wide range ofchoices and connections after my graduation. The good college education at LCB goesa great way in shaping the skills required to succeed in my future profession. Ihave thoroughly enjoyed college and believe that graduate school is the rightnext step for me.

The Master of Accounting (MAcc) program will immensely helpme fine-tune my current skill sets, help me to reconfigure them in the contextof an accounting environment and help put a realistic, practical point of viewto all that I have learnt as an Accounting undergraduate and will learn duringthe MAcc program. This program will definitely go a long way in helping meeventually achieve the goal of becoming a CPA. The Graduates of the UO LCB’sMAcc Program are ranked high in passing all the parts of the CPA Exam in the U.S.as per NASBA. I am convinced that being a part of such a program will assist megreatly in preparing for the CPA Exams. I also plan to secure an internshipposition with one of the Big Four Accounting firms while undergoing the MAcc Programat LCB. The training opportunities and overall work-environment that a Big Fourfirm offers are exceptional.

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I am hoping that I can work on challenging globalprojects, as well as meet and network with the sheer diversity of people.I believe that I possess the motivation, intellectual ability and preparationto make significant original contributions to LCB learning community. I have always been detail-oriented andfocused on accuracy in college. I feel that attention to detail and a focus onaccuracy will serve me well in accounting.I also believe my ability of acquiring knowledge quickly, applying itwhen relevant, and being capable of independently studying can help me performequally well in the graduate school setup too. My experience at UO has given me a greater sense ofaccomplishment. I have been among the top10% students in the Lundquist College of Business.  I also feel that UO has really made me growand has introduced me to a wider range of people.

I have opened up to peoplemore and am now a better team player as I have learnt to listen to others andtake in their opinions. I have become accepting to other cultures and beliefsand feel that I am much more open-minded. Moreover, I have over the years keptbuilding my management skills by being part of various college clubs and eventorganization committees, which has not only helped me develop goodorganizational skills but also a sociable attitude, excellent communicationskills, the ability to perform under pressure, and the quick thinking requiredduring sudden mishaps. I believe that my current skill sets will definitelyhelp in the ability to see the accounting profession in a more holistic sense.It will also help me manage the rigorous work and responsibilities of agraduate school accounting program.

Asan international student from Vietnam, my time studying in the U.S. hasthus far exceeded my expectations.

Every day I am here, I am inspired andmotivated by the demanding and invigorating academic environment, and I lookingforward to pursuing master’s level studies in such a setting.I hope my application would begiven a thoughtful consideration based on the descriptions I have provided.