Last updated: September 9, 2019
Topic: ArtDesign
Sample donated:

I am writing to apply for the master’s program in Communication Systems offered by the faculty of Information and Communication Technology. My objective is to develop a career in Communication research and development, specifically wireless communication system.


Academically, I have consistently excelled and maintained exceptional grades throughout my curriculum. I graduated as an Electronic Engineer with a First class distinction and secured 4th place among the whole batch with a CGPA of 3.77. I also passed my secondary and higher secondary education with A+, A respectively.

I spend most of my time studying the vast field of  Communication and Networking; strengthening my basics in digital communication and networks and learning about new advancements in the field of wireless networking and mobile computing and networks system security. For me, learning is a continuous and unending process and with this high dynamism in the field of communication and networking, I always thrive to expand my knowledge. My main source of motivation is my passion and interest especially in wireless communication system and it’s designing and techniques and taking this course will help me to learn and contribute to the field through my research. Diverse field of communication has always fascinated me and some courses that I took during my bachelor’s degree in Electronic Engineering boosted my curiosity and instilled in me a strong aspiration to pursue a career in Communication System.

I chose Kth Royal Institute of Technology because of the great research and development work carried out by the reputable faculty and brilliant students. Learning and collaborating with them will help to accelerate my growth. This course will not only provide me with more knowledge and hands-on experience about the subjects of my interest but also allow me to discover new topics of interest, broadening my field of interest. Some of these include Communication System Design, Wireless Internetworking and Optical networking. Taking in account all these factors, I believe this course will be a big step for progression of my career in wireless Communication and networking. I am confident that I would gain a rewarding learning experience at Kth Royal Institute of Technology , and will be able to utilize my knowledge and skill at full potential. 
With my knowledge, skills and experience gained throughout my academic journey, I will bring a high level of energy and diversity to this program, exceeding your expectations. I am certain that with my intellectual skills, nature and intangible culture heritage, I will become a valuable part of this program. High standard of education at Kth Royal Institute of Technology will provide me with the perfect opportunity to excel and contribute to the field. Therefore, I feel obliged to be able to secure admission in this prestigious university.

Thank you for considering my application and I look forward to your good response.


Lubna Arif