Last updated: September 10, 2019
Topic: ArtDesign
Sample donated:

I make art for a few reasons. In life, we experience so much fragmentation of thought and feeling. For me, creating art is bringing things back together.I believe that all artwork has a purpose. It tells a story. When you see an artwork it is as if it’s trying to whisper the artists story to you.Designing is also a form of art. The challenge of integrating into a new culture, the language of color and one’s personal dreams are what complies into fashion designing. My work is a narrative of events created in a wide range of media invents imagery rich with symbolism and deep personal meaning. These pieces are all tied into a personal concept based on hopes and dreams.I find clothing interesting because it’s used to express who we are as human beings—it’s very personal and intimate, and it’s always changing depending on our mood, our surroundings or what’s happening to us.When we think about fashion school as portrayed by popular culture, most of us can’t help but refer to reality shows like The Hills, which have glossed over the experience and left out the hard work that’s required from serious design students. New York City—a hub for fashion students due to the presence of schools like Parsons—has provided me with a more realistic picture of what life pursuing fashion design is like, as it quickly became clear that it’s more rigorous than we might think.  I think going into Parsons would help me fight with myself and It is definitely competitive because people create to express themselves and they want to be heard, and in order to be heard and seen you want to be on top—the best. I tend to focus on my own work but I appreciate competition among friends where we don’t have compete directly against each other, but we will compete with each other. I think competition is great if it inspires and motivates you to work harder, but not if you use it to step on other people on your way to the top.As long as you do your work effectively and don’t procrastinate, rather than complaining about it, you can get things done. A lot of students spend their time complaining when they should be working instead, but they should know how lucky they are to pursue this particular career.