I am very pleased to provide this Letter of Recommendation for Shruthi Boggarapu. I am Shashi her colleague in Infosys for 4.5 years(2011-2015).We both worked as Oracle Database Administrators for the client called Capital Group Companies(CGC). I still remembered the day where she got the highest rating in our team in her early days which clarifies me that she is a fast learner and dedicated resource to the company.

In Oracle database from creating a Tablespace and Users, She moved up the ladder doing complicated and challenging tasks such as Recovery Manager(RMAN)and DataGuard. Even the managers who worked with us have the trust on her that she can give her best in every Endeavour. We had a small issue in recovering the data backup(tedious task) then she helped another co-worker to achieve the desired result even if it’s not her work to do which shows a small snippet of her Responsibility and taking Charge of the situation at hand.Even I Came to know that she got a Testing position in  another project  but she smoothly rejected and later explained me “When you’re Comfortable You Won’t Grow” and as I have observed closely she applies that principle in day of her life making her a Strong Women and am sure she adds a Value Feather to your Alumni Crown.Management of Information Systems(MIS) in my words is ” Marriage of Business and Technology” which means disseminating data in the form of information needed to carry out the functions of management and to take the best decisions possible for the organization. As she worked as DBA handling the information is an easy path to her and working in Sujala pipes knows her how to take an effective decision in an organization.

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I think MIS is the perfect course for her because of the previous experience.Beyond the professional anecdotes which I stated above, Her Enthusiasm towards work never distracted even our timings are rotational as Database Administrators works round the clock. As her co-worker, I have to say that her humor and good nature makes long nights and tough deadlines much easier.Shruthi has my highest recommendation to join for MIS in your prestigious university. I am excited to see her growing in her life.

Please feel free to contact me for any further recommendation.