Ihave no doubt in my mind about my passion and interest in environmentalsciences; a passion that can be traced back to my experiences growing up on theisland of Borneo.

Maybe it is in its vast rainforests and majestic highlands.Its veritable network of caves. Its vibrant coral reefs. Or perhaps it’s theunfettered allure of its inimitable cultures and how they interact with theirnatural environment. I cannot deny that I have gained an awe and appreciationfor the diversity of our planet’s ecosystems through this experience.Unfortunately, much of the island’s ecology is under extreme pressure and has amyriad of political, social and economic implications associated with it. Ibelieve, to tackle such issues, it is imperative that the intricate processesof the natural environment first be understood.

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 Ibelieve the courses I studied at A level has provided me with a good basis tosucceed at this course. Physics and mathematics has given me the ability towork with large quantities of data and has taught me to approach problems in apragmatic and analytical way. In addition, I have developed very goodlaboratory and team working skills from the various chemistry group projectsthat I participated in.

I look forward to developing these skills and knowledgeeven further during my time at university. I also studied geography at A level;a subject where the concept of sustainability was first introduced to me,opening my eyes to a plethora of modern world issues. It has taught me to takea holistic approach to these issues and developed my empathy to the differentviews of specific matters.

I was also involved in the Duke of Edinburgh Goldaward where I undertook an expedition to Mt. Kenya. There, I completed aresidential project to rebuild a local primary school classroom. Through theprogramme, I learnt new skills such as playing a new instrument, which requireda lot of time and commitment. Also, I was able to give back to my community byvolunteering to coach children in basketball. I believe my involvement in theaward has coalesced my technical and mental aptitude to help me grow as anindividual.

Aftersixth form I gained a lot of work experience. I was involved in the developmentof a small-scale permaculture farm in Pa’ Umor, Malaysia which focused on thecultivation of native food-plants. I learned a lot about the possibilities forlocal farmers to introduce diversity on farms, creating strong local andclimate friendly food supply in the Kelabit Highlands. I also had someexperience working at GAEC de la Moutotte, a dairy farm in AOP Comte, France.Here, I was able to understand more about farm sustainability. Additionally, Ilearned about pasture and cow management, whilst considering the environmentaland socio-economic problems associated with dairy production. Moreover, Iworked as a landscaper at Les Fermes De Gally where my job involvedconstructing green walls, renovating and maintaining gardens.

I also had theopportunity to work on the installation and maintenance of an urban farmdemonstration on the roof of the “Cite de l’Architecture”, Paris. Atthis company, I expanded my knowledge on different types of plant species andthe conditions they need for growth. Furthermore, I learnt about urban greeningin major cities and the implications it has on urban ecology.

My latest jobexperience was in a pick-your-own farm in Bailly and a member of the GIEChapeau Paille. This experience helped me to understand more about suburbanfood issues and the systems put in place for sustainable farming practice.These include ecological management of production such as auxiliary insects andbuffer zones Рthemes that I would love to explore further. Myhopes are that studying at your university will prove an excellent investmentfor my future career in the environmental sector.

I am truly excited at theprospect of studying this course and I hope that you will consider me for aplace on your programme.