I take great pleasure in recommending Mr.

Chandrakanth Chittappa for graduate studies at your renowned university. I have disciplined him in Analog Electronic Circuits, Linear IC’s & Applications, Electromagnetic compatibility and Power System operations & Control areas in 3 years between 2012 and 2015. During this time he has proved that he is sincere, hardworking and self-motivated to focus and excel in his chosen field of studies. Through the interactions we had during the above mentioned interval, I have observed that Chandrakanth has a clear understanding of basics, concepts and fundamentals. The enthusiasm he had during the laboratory classes revealed his intensely inquisitive mind. He has worked on the project named “Multiple input DC-DC converters” during his final year which was based on IEEE paper and it yielded the desired output.

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He has consistently displayed growth in his undergraduate program and I could observe his growing affinity towards Data Analytics in the final year as he was involved in understanding the science behind it. He has an excellent problem solving skills and very good analytical and computational abilities. Chandrakanth’s growth as a student is commendable and his passion to learn more about Data Analytics is admirable.Apart from academics he had been actively involved in cultural activities and sports.

He has represented the college in intercollege fests/tournaments for Theatrics, Dance and Badminton and has won several prizes. He has proven his managerial and leadership skills by coordinating and organising events in our college fests. His has an excellent command over English and is very effective in expressing his ideas with clarity. The Laboratory sessions has a fair amount of group interactions in which Chandrakanth was able to harmonize very well with his classmates.

His prompt effort to gain comprehensive knowledge in his area of interest has made him more confident and potent. Based on my teaching experience, I would strongly recommend Chandrakanth’s candidature for admission to your esteemed university and believe that you will find him to be a student who will shine further through your graduate program and be a true asset to your university.