I wish to take my career to the next level, where I want to learn the depth of professional filmmaking in screen production.

With this course, I would like to meet this demand and establish a step forward in my ambition. I want to further my experience where I hope to achieve the technical knowledge, expand my creative ability, collaborate alongside a team and achieve any other skills to develop in this area. This course will help me grasp the art of on-screen storytelling, understand the different areas of film production, whilst heightening my confidence that will help me advance in my career.  If given the opportunity, I can apply what I have learnt through unerring commitment and dedication, to the prospect of becoming a sensational filmmaker.2017Gofer – Jessons ProductionsConsideration of the crew membersDelegating tasks effectivelyExecuting strong verbal communication Sets self-management responsibility Intern – Apna TelevisionGenerating AdvertisementsSpeaks confidently in public environmentsStrong planning skillsEnriching technical practice in film editing  2016Director of Photography – NZFA Film Boot-CampUnderstanding the visual expertise of storytelling Collaboration and delegating with othersTechnical practice and techniques Director/Cinematographer/Editor – High School Prefect Film Ability to direct a cast and crew-  Atom & Clickview One Minute Film CompetitionBeing a strong and confident leader2015Co-Editor – 48 Hour Film FestivalCollaborated on the project and Assisted another Editor Extrapolating my own ideas and applying them to a groupIn Christopher Nolan’s film, Insomnia depicts Detective Will Dormer who portrays a complex and tormented figure, faced with predicaments that end up distorting his own reality. What’s interesting, is his character been misunderstood by being corrupt and iniquitous; yet along the way you can’t help but sympathise and realise he has suffered through his mistakes. Somewhere, he has lost his way and every wrongdoing he committed was consuming away his conscience.

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This is intriguing about his character, who despite being a guilty man, continues to journey through the trials and is confronted with his faults, advancing him to become free and redeemed. Dormer is a favourite because his self-experience is a reminder of difficult situations testing your level of ethics, and how those choices will endure to be consequential. He underlies the embodiment of being an imperfect character,  having multiple layers, and yet successfully undergoes a dynamic transformation.                                                                               The Social Network for AthletesAt age fifty-five, his health was deteriorating and to recuperate, his doctor advised him to install an app called Strata. That time while riding, he answered a call stating his daughter had collapsed.

Panicking, he propelled his bike.  He waits in the corridor and his phone vibrates with a Strata message floating atop. @No1BIKEMAN – I’m trying to understand how someone such as yourself, could break my high record, explain to me how you did it!?”Two weeks past, and the fifty-five-year-old continued to cycle, yet in the spur of the moment, an unforeseen force struck him. A figure smirked, as he lay motionless, along with his other scattered valuables. He peered downwards to an opened journal and read “..

[email protected], inspired me so much with his success..

. I should have mentioned to him, that when I got into that Uber, I’d forgotten to switch off Strata.”