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I am very glad to apply
for Master’s study in Civil Engineering. I am from Pakistan and I graduated
from University College of Engineering
and Technology Bahauddin Zakariya, Multan, Pakistan one of the top-ranked universities in the country, in
Civil Engineering with a Bachelor of Science degree program. After my
graduation, I have worked as Assistant Structure Engineer in a private sector
for one and half year, later I joined Nicon Group of Colleges where I’m working
as a lecturer for BTEC Higher National in Construction and Built Environment,
Design of Structure with Autodesk Revit and also Project Management with

My decision to major in
Civil Engineering is a direct result of my desire to contribute to the
development of state-of-the-art infrastructure in my country, aiming towards
improving its global standing. Foundation of this lies in my childhood when I watched
the documentary of world’s megatall skyscraper Burj Khalifa that structure fascinated me a lot and also triggered
curiosity in me how this high rise building can support such massive load?
After that, when I saw the structures like Empire
State Building and Golden Gate
Bridge those also captured my attentions. 
Thus as far as my career was concern I had already decided to opt civil
engineering for its versatility in infrastructures.

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Undergraduate study is
not a denouement which one can call a journey towards excellence and
competence. Graduate study opens up newer avenues to explore and gives one a
wider range of career objectives. My undergraduate at Punjab College gave me
the excellent command in basics of mathematics and science which enabled me to
secure admission in one of the pioneer engineering institutes (University
college of Engineering and Technology Bahauddin Zakariya) of Pakistan. The
studies at undergraduate level have been an enriching experience for me which
provided me with a broad perspective of civil engineering. During graduation
the field which inspired me the most was structural engineering as, it was
facilitating me with the answers for my curiosity about mega structures and
this inspiration triggered me to achieve high grades in all structure core
subjects. Especially the topics regarding Steel
Structures, Prestressed Concrete
Structures and Geotechnical &
Foundation Engineering with their extreme research potential was at the top
of my list as, all high rise buildings need a strong structural design along
with a strong foundation design to safely support the loads and to transfer
them to the soil underneath. In Pakistan, where there is several kind of
conditions like high temperatures, freezing conditions, humidity, low bearing
capacity of soil, maximum chances of erosion and low wealth; structural
engineering is one of those rapidly evolving field which best suits the
requirements for country infrastructure development. My interest in structural
engineering and the practical implementation of this field forced me to work as
an intern at some mega projects currently running in Pakistan like “China–Pakistan Economic Corridor” which
exposed me to visualize modern design methods and contemporary construction
techniques at site

At some point of my professional
career, I realized that my undergraduate education had provided me with what is
only a glimpse of this field and there is so much more waiting to be explored
and created in this industry but I was unable to continue my
studies in my country or abroad due to my financial position. Since, i am not
in a position to finance my studies, I am pleased to know about the
announcement of your scholarship programme. Thus, armed with the much-valued
consent of my professors, guidance of my seniors and careful perusal of the web
page of your programme, I am convinced that my academic career will receive the
much-required exposure and enhancement enabling me to pursue extensive research
and excel at it. Not only does the University distinguished faculty, excellent
laboratory with full facilities and high reputation attract me but also does
the on-going researches by eminent faculty. My choice of this specialization is
motivated by its multidisciplinary nature, which will broaden my horizons and
give me flexibility in professional practice.