Last updated: August 20, 2019
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Sample donated:

I am writing this letter to
enthusiastically recommend Ms. Sumitra
Dudani as a suitable candidate for the doctoral programme at your institution.
She has served as a full-time articled assistant at SRM and Associates for
three years from Oct 2012 to Sep 2015. During this three year period of her internship, she has worked under my direct
supervision and I, therefore, had ample opportunity to observe her virtuosity
and budding potentials.

During her training period, she was assigned to a variety of
independent audit assignments. She visited various factories and tried to
understand the process involved. She was even involved in accounting work of
various enterprises and helped various companies in their compliance procedure.
Each of the above-mentioned work requires
some previous knowledge and along with it,
we need to come up with certain ideas by which we can help our clients to
improve their existing business. The whole process requires extensive study and
research into the operations of the business.

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For instance, she helped a
company to convert their entire manual accounting into computerized accounting which helped them to save man-hours and
prepare financial records faster with more accuracy. In the case of another
company, she helped them in filling TDS returns in a month’s time which were
piled up for more than four quarters by coming up with shortcuts and better
presentation of data on excel sheets.

She proved to be a talented,
intelligent, creative and an inquisitive learner. Even at the office, she worked systematically maintaining
proper records in a presentable manner which made the work seem less toilsome and
easily accessible. She helped other articles and her juniors in their work.
Sometimes she would make teams and held meetings to provide insights in some
serious issues. I observed her time-management efficiency by the way she used
to manage college, articleship and
teaching students of 10+2 all at the same time. During peak sessions, she would stay at the office late until the work in her hand was
completed which helped us meet all the deadlines. She assisted in innumerable
other ways and was a valuable resource during her stay at SRM and Associates.

I will recommend her to you as a
research fellow with confidence that she’ll show an excellent performance and
make the most opportunity you’ll provide her with.