I personally think poetry is the literary genrethat appeals to me the most. This is because, reading poetry allows me to seeinto the soul of another person which is the poet and see what is actually ontheir minds and on their hearts that influence them to produce a particularliterary work.

Poetry also can open doors to feelings that are sometimesconcealed until that door of emotion is opened. As we all know, poetry is knownfor its creativity. Poets employ a myriad of literary techniques such as alliteration,metaphors, assonance and more in their poetry works. That what makes me thinkthat it is more interesting than any other literary genres. When being recited,poetry will be pleasing to the ear because of the literaryelements employed by the poet such as the rhyme.

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I personally feel that I always find a new meaningevery time I read a poem and this is beauty of poetry. Furthermore, poetry gives me the patience to look intosomeone else’s mind and nurture the sense of empathy for another person. Ihave read quite a number of poems and one of my personal favourites is “Only aDad” by Edgar Guest. Even though this poem has a very straightforward meaning, Ireally love the message that is being conveyed by the poet. In this beautifulpoem, I managed to identify several themes.

Firstly, the sacrifice of a father.In this poem, the poet portrays that the dad is tired because he works so hardat his workplace. However, he only managed to bring very little “gold” or “fame”.The words gold and fame in this poem is the metaphor of the worldly treasure hemanaged to reap from his big efforts on his job. Throughout this wonderful poem,we can identify that despite the least gold or fame, he continually doing allthis for his “brood of four” which is his children. His effort of going to workand doing what must be done day after day “for the love of them” shows us agreat self-sacrifice of a father towards his children and family.

Thenext theme I see is the father’s self-control. In the poem, the father nevershows any sign of despair and regret. The poet uses the phrases like “never awhimper of pain or hate”, “silent whenever the harsh condemn” and also “bearingit all” to portray that the father never complains about his responsibility tofind money for the family. He could complain or whine about how tired and annoyedhe is that he is not able to make much fortunes as he hoped.

However, he doesnone of this. The father hinders himself and practices great self-control by “facingwhatever may come his way” without whining or feeling dissatisfied. Instead, hetakes is responsibility with “courage”, “stern and grim”. These phrase by thepoet implies the father’s determination to do whatever it takes for hischildren and family as a whole. The last stanza of the poem reveals how highlythe poet thinks of the persona in this poem. Although the title is “Only a Dad”,we can clearly see from the final line, this persona is much more than just afather. The poem writes, “Only a dad, but the best of men.” This phrase suggeststhat the poet thinks the persona is not merely an ordinary dad.

However, he iseverything to his children and his family. For them, he is their entire world.Although he may be “one in ten million or more” he is the greatest man in theworld to his family. Thisis a very beautiful poem for me as the persona in the poem reminds me of mylate father who passed away a year ago. This poem has a very personal meaningto me and whenever I read this poem it touches my emotions and heart. ¬†Throughout my life, I had always seen myfather work hard for my family. Just like the father in this poem, he nevercomplained about his struggles to earn money for my family. He never oncewhined when taking his responsibility to take care of our family and hesacrificed anything and everything for his family.

He definitely was a verygood man, with a sincere heart, and full of love towards our family. Even thoughmy siblings and I were not growing up as a rich kids, we always had everythingwe needed. My father always made sure we have every basic necessity and needseven though he had to work so hard and work extra hours to find money toprovide us.  Just like the father in thepoem, he never complained or whined. That was just the kind of father he is.

That is the reason why the final line in the poem always gets me every time I readthis poem and it sometimes it literally brings me to tears. The hardships I am experiencingtoday are nothing compared to the hardships that my father went through inorder to get me to where I am today. This is the great thing about poetry, thispoem specifically makes me appreciate my father more and makes me more gratefulfor having such a wonderful father given by the Almighty. Poetry teaches me agreat deal about life.All in all, literatureto me serves as a gateway in expanding my knowledge and earning a greater and betterunderstanding about the world. For example,literature opens my eyes and makes me see more than just what the front doorshows to me. Apart from that, by learning literature, I learn to look and readbetween the lines. This is because in literature class, I was taught to makeconnections, find themes, learn about characters and identify hidden meanings inorder to come up with a conclusion about what the particular literary work isall about.

Literature allows meto understand and experience how it is like to live in the other sides