Last updated: July 12, 2019
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I am writing this letter for apply to the PhD scholarship in plant biology in the University of Adelaide, which ranked in the top 1% of Universities in the world. I learned about this competitive program from a “” website and got very keen to continue my education on your University, which I perceive as a leading scientific institution in the world in the field of agriculture, food and wine. My interest in science dates back to my early childhood. I have always excelled in life sciences. I believe that my academic background is appropriate for the PhD position on your University. As you may see in the application form, I have completed Master of Science, with specialization in Microbiology from the University of Mysore. During my tenure, I have studied various areas of microbiology with hands-on experience in cell and molecular biology, agricultural, food, dairy and medical microbiology. I am always known for powerful seminar presentations. (Needs a connection here. Perhaps you start talking about Bachelor studies first and then introduce Masters. Chronology is important and connections as well ) I got admitted to BSc program in Botany, Biochemistry and Microbiology as major subjects. I particularly enjoyed studying applied botany and advanced biochemistry. During initial years of my college, I have completed a Diploma in Computer Application with Programming in iTryst Technologies, Mysore.

Thanks to my education and extensive research, I started to work as a research fellow and project assistant in FRLHT (Foundation for Revitalization of Local Health Traditions) and CSIR-CFTRI (Council of Scientific and Industrial Research – Central Food Technological Research Institute) respectively. My success in this challenging project would be increased as I was sent to R L Jalappa hospital and research centre for training on working with various pathogens in a duration of two months. As a direct follow up from the training, I have tried to apply the expertise I gained and got recently focused to implement (What do you mean? I don’t follow you) few easy methods on identifying microorganisms for the lab where I worked. I had also great opportunity to work on brine shrimp bioassay to check the bioactivity of pasteurized and unpasteurized cow’s urine, kshaaram samples used as a biofertilizers/biopesticides to increase the yield. During my research tenure, I have published 6 papers in peer- reviewed journals and 5 conference papers presented at various national and international conferences, which may be seen enclosed to my application, with List of publications. I have been an active member of the organizing committee of several conferences. I have developed standard operating procedures for various NGO’s in relation to traditional agricultural practice. The technologies of various healthful products developed through research have been transferred to entrepreneurs gives a sense of accomplishment.

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Apart from research, I had a privilege of working as quality control officer in a pharmaceutical company. There, I have developed strong leadership skills and know-how in managing diverse team members. My responsibilities as a QC officer were test selection, implementation, and resolution of technical failures, developing a laboratory test for method validation of new tests, development of management guidelines and practices that ensure reliable performance of lab testing. In addition, I have been responsible for the development, implementation, and review of the laboratory quality assurance and control program. I had an opportunity to have kinesthetic experience in one of the workshops on advanced molecular techniques. I enjoyed imparting knowledge and my experience as a guest lecturer of microbiology encourages me to believe that I am a good teacher. What is especially important to add, I have worked in the banking sector for some time now. I have qualified a few highly competitive national level exams like IBPS and JAIIB. Through the banking experience, I have acquired excellent communication skills, better work management, allocation of funds and high-stress tolerance which are essential for the PhD course I wish to apply for.

I am a well-trained researcher and I believe that my outstanding motivation and keen perception will make a positive contribution to the research concerning the elucidation of characterizing the function of water channels that sense and respond to changes in osmotic pressure. To my knowledge, this program is very competitive, due to the importance of the chosen topic. Despite to the facts that it attracts only highly driven students, so I am confident that my academic record, experience, professional goals and my enthusiasm will make me a strong candidate for a place on this course. I would be honoured if you decide to accept my application to be PhD student at your prestigious University.

Thank you very much for your time and consideration, I look forward to hearing from you.