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Imagine Las Vegas as a beautiful beachfront island, with no rules or inhibitions; Perfect weather, more accessible and better variety of nightlife, where the freaks come out harder and later at night. Imagine landing in your destination, and everyone on the plane begins cheering, laughing, and taking shots; then you have Ibiza. Ibiza, Spain is a Balearic Island located just off of Valencia, in the Mediterranean Sea. Little known to most Americans, it is a Mecca of culture, dance, parties, music, and scenery. What some consider being the undisputed party capital of the world, it is most known for its legendary and at times riotous nightlife.

These parties, Ibiza parties, would make Vegas blush. ” says long time Ibiza resident, enthusiast, and beat maker, Yuniq. Best known for its wild nightlife, Ibiza is broken up into two main half’s: the Eivissa (Catalan for Ibiza) region in the south, and the Santa Eularia region in the north. The South, typically referred to as “Old Town” is filled with quaint cobbled streets, beautiful old buildings, and bustling streets, international resorts, and rigorous nightlife. The northern area is more known for its mesmerizing landscape and extraordinary natural beauty.A peaceful counterpart to its hard partying neighbor, this is where most residents reside and relax. Endless beaches beautifully surround this tropical paradise, but it’s not just your ordinary day at the beach. Ibiza is one of the most popular holiday destinations among Europeans.

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In the hot summer months, people flock to this party utopia by the thousands from all corners of Europe, and beyond. Why don’t more Americans know about this party utopia? Probably because of the current economy, and the Euro increasing in value seemingly daily, people are reluctant to do European vacations.For those of us who want to work hard, and play harder, the epic memories and outrageous times will far outweigh the financial strain on your wallet. (Playa Den Bossa Beach, Ibiza 2007) Living up to its party image, the beaches mid-day can be just as wild as the strip at night.

Space, the first outdoor beach club on the island, revolutionized the way people party. Spanish licensing laws require that an establishment must close for at least two hours a day, and while most businesses close during the traditional “siesta” (daily mid-day closures are common is Spain, usually from 12-2 p. m. Space has used this to their advantage. One of the only clubs on the island still able to have these epic day parties, other clubs have had to close their daytime doors due to neighbors and noise restrictions.Why isn’t this an issue at Space? It encases outdoor terraces, with roaring airplanes flying overhead.

Crowd’s great oncoming airliners with enthusiasm, as engine sounds blare through booming dance music. This is has become one of the clubs most exciting and defining features. In the past, most clubs on the island were typically open from 11 p. m. -8 a. m.

While that may sound like a long night to most of us 2 a. . last callers, Space is open for an exhausting 8 a. m. -6 a.

m. With a mere two hour closure daily from 6 a. m. -8 a. m. , now people can take the festivities through the morning and into the next day. Although overwhelming to some, it is truly an island that never sleeps. There are countless clubs on this small island, the most popular being Space, Pacha, Privilege, Eden, Es Paradis, and Amnesia (home of the first foam-party).

Pacha, the most influential of these, has always been known for having top DJs, a variety of music, and for basically being one of the (if not the) islands most famous and modern nightclub.Created in 1973 by Ricardo Urgell, Pacha is located in the heart of Ibiza Town. With a staggering 3,500 capacity, Pacha still retains an intimate feel.

Best known for its high profile club nights that run every night of the week in the grueling summer months, Pacha’s lineup is a who’s who of the hottest DJs and dance music stars. One of the most popular and successful summer parties has been “F*ck Me” I’m Famous” hosted by DJ royalty, Cathy and David Guetta. Five seemingly never ending rooms make up this 30,000 adult playground.Strobe lights hypnotize, girls in martini glasses sway and mesmerize, while seas of dancing people move to the beat. The first club to stay open into the winter season, this is not just a club, its legendary. The main room will be quite banging by about 5 a.

m. , where you will find big names such as Jade Jagger, Swedish House Mafia, Tiesto, or Erick Morillo (pictured with Tommy Lee). No matter what music makes you sway, Pacha has a little something for everyone. Among an endless sea of house and typical euro-techno, Pacha is one of the only clubs to feature a variety of R & B, hip-hop, oldies, jazz, pop, and of course, dance.A haven for those who just can’t stomach the constant techno beat. Just outside the club, the streets are just as exciting. From June through September, the streets are filled with international partiers of all ages, topless women promoting clubs, drag queens, and passing parades of the truly indescribable.

“The club promoters will do anything to get you in, since there are many great places to choose from. It’s all about shock value, to show you some sh*t you ain’t never seen. ” Says club frequenter and local celebrity beat-boxer, Beatmaster G.

“Basically, for four months, it looks like Mardi Gras every night”.However this street party doesn’t end at midnight, in fact, most likely it hasn’t even begun. Having so many great party destinations here in North America, we Americans can often overlook these little treasures like Ibiza; A huge mistake for any of those who want to experience the truly unexpected, unbelieved, and seemingly unreal. An island that sees far more sunrises than sunsets, Ibiza is truly most unique. Not for the faint of heart, this is a destination for those with an adventurous side, who want to party like its 1999. A must for any true party animals bucket list.