Last updated: September 19, 2019
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Thesis statement What are the difficulties faced by the Indian Orphans in the documentary Those challenges are poor living conditions, lack of education inhuman treatment and unhealthy conditions. Poor living conditions Living together as a family alongside the railway station They’re not taken care of by parents They live alone and take care of themselves Home means dirt floor Sleeping on dirt floor with nasty blankets. Sleeping with a lot of mosquito bites in the cold and rain every night.

Poor and bad routines The orphans didn’t take a shower in a year. Using the broken bricks as toothpaste to brush their teeth. Lack of education and inhuman treatment Lack of education The kids arena provided education. Not fully-developed, not receive good education to find a kind Job instead of begging, stealing or sweeping the train compartments to get some money. Inhuman treatment Sexually abused when they’re under 18 by older kids, another one is sold to the red light district to have sex for none.

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They’re attacked by police, parents, other street children. The wounds in the body fingers were cut off, an arm or a leg was cutoff, Unhealthy conditions Dirt ground Filthy full of trash, needles and condoms. Polluted water unsanitary eating condition, dirt food. Take injection and tobacco They didn’t even know what they were injecting in themselves, which may cause HIVE/AIDS disease. Smoking tobacco to forget the sadness from their parents.