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Throughout history, mankind has strived to create an ideal society where all the needs of those who live within it are met. Government, free will and equality are all different variables of society that impact daily life. All individuals within a society uphold their own ideals, therefore, creating different views of what an ideal society is defined by. In America our Constitutional freedoms portray an ideal society yet, the ability to undermine said freedoms by wealthy and powerful individuals negatively impacts the general public. Renovating the imperfect system of litigation and corruption would ultimately present the ideal society.

The United States is a superpower addicted to overwhelming military might. Our nation accounts for five percent of the world’s population, around 23 percent of its economic output and more than 40 percent of its military spending. America spends as much on its soldiers and weapons as the next 18 countries put together. “The United States,” notes the Quadrennial Defense Review (QDR), a report required by Congress on the future of U. S. national security strategy, “remains the only nation to project and sustain large-scale operations over extended distances. During his campaign for the presidency, Barack Obama frequently pledged to reform the defense budget. But his defense budget, released in the same week as the QDR, shows no clear- cut separation from the spending habits perpetuated in the budgets of his predecessor, George W. Bush. It allocated more funds for Special Forces, helicopters, missile-launching drones and other equipment for the “asymmetric wars” in Afghanistan and Iraq but it also provided for a new aircraft carrier and attack submarines. My society will address the issues involved within military operations that are currently scrutinized by many individuals in current society.

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Currently in the United States, the voting system for federal, state and municipal elections allows for a representative government headed by a majority party, yet the President may not in all cases be represented by that party as he or she is elected separately. This being the case, often legislative actions are stalled such as those currently involving healthcare. Health care is one of the major negative components in the United States today. In my ideal society federal monies would be dedicated to the mental, physical and social health of the population despite whatever economic recessions exist.

I picture a future society where money and power are secondary to health and equality. Humans are social and emotional creatures. Many of the aspects humans base their lives around are greatly affected by emotion. This emotion is love, anger, fear, jealousy, and greed. Anger undermines the stability of a society and fuels brash decisions that are not always correct. The creation of the perfect utopia has been one of the common dreams of men however, such a society still remains as distant as a mirage.