IEDs had been a predominant weapon inIraq War , Afghanistan War .Due to certain reasons such as low cost , higheffectiveness it still remains the first choice of many terrorist groups.·       IEDs can incorporate either military orcommercial sourced explosives.·       They explode at high speed releasingsharpnel.

·       They are usually made with harmfulsubstances such as-nuts which can in actuality lead to a devastating injury ormay be death.·       If the person making the IED is notwell experienced it might just no detonate or can detonate on the placer or maybe maker.·     Power supply·     Switch·     Detonator·     Main chargeContainerHow these componentswork? A power supply provides electricity to the switch.             The switchactivates the detonator.

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    The detonator explodes providing  energy to the main charge.                      Main charge explodes.                                                                                  Types of IED: IEDs can basically be divided into 3 categories: 1.Package type IED: They are also known as concealedmortar/Artillery projectiles.

Characteristic feature of such IEDs:·       Propelled from overpasses.·       Main target vehicles.·       Target can be unimproved roads too.Placed within a pothole. Vehicle borne IEDs: Such type of IEDs use vehicle as themain body or container.   Somecharacteristic feature: ·      Comesin all shape and size can vary from small sedan to large cargo trucks.

·      Thelarger the vehicle the greater explosion it will be.                                                                                                         3. Suicide bomb: Characteristic feature :·      Also known as “person borne”bomb.·      Such explosives may beincorporated in belt, clothing or vest.

·      The person carrying suchbomb are known as ” suicide bombers”       Howeverthere are some bomb detection techniques that can be used as prevention:1)    2)                 3)       4)                        5)         Safetymeasure for common people:                                             DO’s :·      Informthe police on seeing any suspicious object ·      Moveaway from the suspicious object in a quiet manner·      Followinstructions of guide in case of threat·      Carryyour own personal belongings during evacuation·      Helpladies, old and children·      Whena vehicle is parked, close all windows and lock the doors·      Inspectvehicles for any suspicious object before moving out of garage ·      Switchoff all electrical mains, gas lines etc                                 Don’t’s·       Touch or handle any suspicious object·       Pick up attractive items lying at odd places·       Open or cut any suspicious object·       Panic but remain cool·       Obstruct the passage of security/bomb squad                                             Casestudy              In2003 , a series of bombasts were observed in Mumbai (then Bombay) leading to 54death and 244 injuries. The blast took place at Zaveri Bazaar. However, the odyinvestigating the case followed up the following plan.