If you want to make your loved ones happy in the last day of this year, then buy them a gift.Maybe someone was thinking about giving them some bitcoins since its so popular nowadays. That can be a good idea too but I am not suggesting it yet.

I thought it was a good thing to remind you that in every situation you can make people happy and make them feel valued and precious to you. So I came up with the idea of giving them something. It can be a nice mug with something written on it, cute and fat socks for those who are having a cold winter, or just treating them with a hot chocolate would make them feel appreciated. I know these are some simple gifts to give but this can be the beginning of new best friends stories, a love story, or maybe it can recover a broken relationship between you and someone else.

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So here is my list of things you can give to someone on the 31st December 2017:10. Nuts For PistachiosProbably the simplest gift I picked out…but another “sure to please” gift idea. Many people I know love pistachios and they always consider them a good treat while drinking a tea in this winter.

  So for sure you are going to make someone happy by treating them with pistachios.9. Picture Frames or Picture AlbumsFind a cute frame and fill it with cute pictures of you and your family members or friends. If you have too many cute photos, find a small album to store all the wonderful memories.8. Bob’s Burger MonopolyALRIIIIIGHT! Help your friend shake up their game-night routine with a new twist on an old classic. Though this game plays just like original Monopoly, its houses, cards, money, and locations are all hilariously customized in the theme of Bob’s Burgers. Whether they’re the Linda to your Bob or the Louise to your Tina isn’t important … as long as they like the show, the game will be a blast!7.

The Desire Map PlannerThis is a perfect gift for your girlfriend, sister, or just a friend after all. Everyone need a little structure in their lifes.6. Chicken NuggetsChicken nuggets are always a good idea!!! No one is going to be upset by receiving chicken nuggets.5. A Cup of Cheer!More gift-giving cheer!  I just love the packaging of this hot chocolate by Archer Farms. So classic. This can of hot cocoa is pretty enough on it’s own to give as a gift without anything else! But add a cellophane bag full of mini marshmallows and suddenly you have something really special…and yummy!4.

BlanketsAround the holidays a lot of stores sell cozy blankets for $5-10. They are a great for keeping your loved ones warm during the holidays.3. SocksCute cozy socks are always a great gift idea. I love putting on a pair of fuzzy socks after a long cold day, so I always appreciate receiving a pair as a gift.2. The Gift of HydrationWater bottles seem to be all the rage lately! I found several to choose from.

Pair one with a couple bottles of MiO Liquid Water Enhancer and you have a very hip and healthy gift!1. Window Seat Jigsaw PuzzleSatisfy group wanderlust and get inspired to plan the next family adventure while assembling this 500-piece puzzle that shows airplane views from 10,000 feet. Smile. Its worth it.