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The group will be Judged on the basis of their acting skills, coordination, expressions, tags coverage and dialogue delivery. 0 Pre-recorded music is allowed. Participants should bring their laptops along with them and are expected to appoint someone to sit and operate it (if required) during the performance. Judging Criteria: Screenplay, Direction, Script, Acting and Overall Impact. Negative points for exceeding the time limit. Co-ordination: Vidalia And (Ph: +91-8126770224) Apocalypse General Instructions: Teams can bring their own gear (mouse, mouse pad, headphone, controllers) but they need to be verified by the referee.Referee will speculate the game and will be allowed o ignore or overrule any of the rules in order to make the competition as fair as possible.

By attending the competition participants acknowledge without limitation to comply with the rules and regulations and with the decisions made by the referees. Every team accepts the official schedule of the competition and declares its ability to be available during these times . Use of cheat/hack by any team member will result in immediate disqualification of the team. Rules and Regulations: Counter Strike 1. : Teams would consist of 5 members each.

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Three maps will be played between the two teams. All matches are played using the Max Rounds 15 scoring system. Each map will be played one time as CT and one time as T, which will be decided by a knife round at the starting of the map. 3 Qualifier round: o All teams will be in only one elimination match. O Every team will play one game against one of the randomly selected team. O Qualifier round will continue until 4 teams are left. Semi finals: 0 4 teams will be grouped in two groups. Teams in same group will play 3 maps, teams who win best of 3 in their groups will go to finals.

Finals : o A best of 3 match will decide The Apocalypse’14 Counter Strike Winner. DATA -2 : Captain’s mode only(ban time and pick time as described in latest map). Latest version and map, available, will be played. A game is finished, when an Ancient Fortress is destroyed, when one team obviously forfeits, when the majority of a team leaves on purpose, or when the administration decides on it.

4 Qualifier round : Semi finals : 04 teams will be grouped in two groups. A best of 3 match will decide The Apocalypse’14 DATA Winner. FIFE 14 : o Fife would be 1 on 1 game. Match half time will be 10 minutes. O In case of tie, classic will be played followed by penalties.

O Match won’t be stopped once started except for substitutions and team management. O Substitutions can be made only during half time and 75th minute. 5 o All players will be in only one elimination match. O Two randomly selected players will play against each other. O Qualifier round will continue until 4 players are left.

04 players will be grouped in two groups. Winners of the each group will play against each other in the finals. Finals o Final match between the 2 finalists will decide The Apocalypse’14 FIFE Winner. NFG Most wanted : o A 3 lap Circuit race will be played by 4 players. O The player finishing 1st will qualify the race. Car Settings: All 32 cars are available.

6 o Four randomly selected players will play against each other. O Qualifier round will continue until 8 players are left. 0 8 players will be grouped in two groups. O Winner and 1st runner up of each group will play against each other in the final race.Finals: o Final race between the 4 finalists will decide The Apocalypse’14 NFG winner Contact: Ditty Ocelot Ph: (+91-9557266884) Unaired Goal Ph: (+91-9041010101) Battle of Bands (Hindi Rock Competition) General Instructions (entry level): o Interested bands/performers must send in their Hindi demo racks in the form of digital amp’s by October 1 5,2014 (by 4:pm) to: bob.

Thomson [email protected] Com. O The selection of the bands that will be allowed to perform in the Battle of Bands Thomson ’14 TITER will be on the basis of the demo track submitted.

Out of the Bands that submit their entries by the mentioned date, thorough and rigorous screening and short listing will be done and the bands will be ranked on basis of the entry submitted. O The tracks submitted will be reviewed and ranked; only the top 8 bands/ performers will compete. O Each entry may have one or two songs but not more than two songs recorded by he band. O Original compositions will gain more preference over plain covers of existing songs. 8 o The top 8 will get the chance to perform in Battle of Bands Thomson’14 TITER. Only these bands will be allowed to perform on stage in the event Battle of Bands Thomson’14.

Please note that the round of performances held on the day of the event is the final performance round. There will not be a second round after the event. O We will contact each band/performer(s) who qualified for the final performance round by October 18, 2014 to announce the Eight(8) competing bands.

General Instructions (during the event): All bands/performers that qualified for the final performance round must use the back line gear provided. There will be a standard drum kit(double bass drum will not be provided), guitar amps, and bass amps. The only equipment the band should bring is your guitars, keyboards, pedals and sticks. These will not be provided. ) 9 o Each bands/performers shall have 15 minutes or a maximum of 3-4 songs (depending on song length). The 15 minutes is inclusive of the time of performance alone. An extra 5-7 minutes will be given to the band to set up their equipment. Further time taken will be deducted from the 15 minutes given for performance.

Bands that go over time, marks will be deducted. O Respect and care must be shown for all equipment provided. O No profane or socially unacceptable lyrics or behavior will be tolerated. Failure to abide by this rule will result in immediate disqualification. We have the right to use your band’s bands/performer’s name and images in any and all promotions associated to the event.

O Each bands/performers must perform at least one (1) original song. 10 o The order in which the bands and singers will play shall be determined by coordinators. O The bands must be present and signed in on site for orientation prior to 2:00 p. . The plastic will be given out at that time. The sign in table will be adjacent to the stage and will begin signing in bands at 1 p. M.

The order of performances would be decided and time slots will be allotted to each band in the same order during this time.Bands are welcome to come early and enjoy the activities on site before the competition. O If all members of your band are not present backstage 15 minutes prior to the time you are assigned to perform, your act will be disqualified. O The organizers will not be held accountable for any broken equipment, injuries, or NY other negative occurrences outside of our staffs control. O The winner of “Battle of Bands” will be asked to play an encore after the final judgments for approximately 10 to 15 minutes. Please have a second set prepared in the event of victory. “covered and original track” rules do not apply in the encore; material can be chosen at band’s discretion). 11 judging Scale and Criteria: o Music (This criteria is based on clarity, lyrical content and overall musical performance) 1-10 o Stage Presence and Crowd Interaction (This Criteria is based on how well the band “rocks out” and how well the band oneness with the crowd) 1-5 o Appearance and Personality (This criterion is based on the overall look and personality.

If you want to be a rock star, you need to look the part! ) 1-5 o Original Material (This criterion Judges the most important part of your act, your original material!Bands should show originality in both their lyrical and instrumental performance to impress the Judges) 1-10 contact:Jay Stasher (Ph: +91- 8266807040) Babushka Bark (Ph: +91-9627225748) Corporate Event description : Corporate is divided into three parts: 00 It is basically a Quiz more focused on financial awareness. The top 8-10 teams of his round will qualify for the round two. 00 It is basically an intra-day trading event where participants will be given a certain amount of virtual money which they have to invest in the ONES(National Stock Exchange) and gain the maximum profit from it.The brokerages on every transaction will be 0. 1% For an example if one purchases 100 stocks of RSI. 10 each then he/she will, have to pay the brokerage of 1 RSI(I. E.

And the same percentage of brokerage will be applicable at the time of selling as well. The stock prices fluctuation will be based up on the current market fluctuation of that stock on ONES. The trading ill begin at loam in the morning and will last till 3:pm. 00 All the teams at the end will have to present their strategy of trading and then a consolidated scorecard of each team will be generated based upon their strategy and profit from trading.The Ranks will be given accordingly. 0 The event is divided into parts. Financial Quizzing: It’s an elimination round.

Landlady trading: Where the participants are required to trade in the ONES and gain maximum antiradar profit. 13 trading strategy presentation: Where the participants need to present their antiradar trading strategy in a power point presentation. ) Each team must have at least 2 and at most 3 members. 2) The trading strategy must be based upon some fundamental analysis vague explanations may result in penalty. 3) Time limit for presentation will be 5-minutes.Absinthe Doss’ (Ph +91-8006424038) “Dancing is all about wordless communication – a light pull on the shoulder, a step forward and a shift of weight, a shared understanding of the music and how it moves bodies. It is about romance, music, art, and high fashion, plus discipline, grace, exercise, and some inner yearnings. It is a kinetic form of body language expressed in the silence f unarticulated emotions.

” Footloose’14 is divided into four prearrangement’s Cradle: The Group Dance Competition It’s the coordination that is spell-binding. It’s the team that performs.A group of bodies with one soul! Allegro: Solo Dance The solo performance even. It’s all about you here! Two to Tango: Duet Beautifully coordinated, the duet dance competition is a treat to the spectators. Tonality: Folk and Classical Dance Competition For all those who hold a fascination to Indian dances. GENERAL RULES for all dance competitions: o Participants are required to give the corresponding PENKNIVES ONLY for their am before-hand.

Others devices such as Cods or mobile phones etc. Are unacceptable. O Points will be deducted for exceeding the time limit. 0000000000000Props are allowed. The Judges or the coordinators of the event shall not be held responsible for the workability of the props. 15 0 judgments for the first round shall not include the criteria of costumes but for further rounds the teams shall be Judged on the basis of their costumes as well. O Decision of the Judges and the coordinators will be considered as final and will not be changed under any circumstances.

The teams must bring along: A music system for practice, only if they want to. O A pensive with their songs recorded. 1.Manna’s Cradle It is the flagship Dance event of Thomson.

Known for the fierce competitive spirit of the teams it is always a tricky one for the Judges to pick the best of the lot. Rules and Regulations : Team Size: Minimum 5 and Maximum 25 members are allowed in a team , with at Least 3 members on stage at any point during the performance. Eliminations: 0 teams have to perform to a suitably edited part of music from their main performance. 0 music in elimination round has to be a part of the Final round performance. Time limit : 3 minutes. 16 0 teams present their prepared performances. Folk Dance is not allowed.

0 Time limit: 9 minutes ( Music piece duration ). 2. Allegro It is all about letting yourself free and showing everyone that you aren’t a cent less than anyone. It’s about passion for your own style of dancing, showcasing your own crazy moves. Eliminations: Contestants will have to perform a part of the prepared dance. music piece for elimination round must be same as of Final round. Time limit: 1 minute. O Foul performance of prepared dance.

0 Time limit: 5 minutes. Participants can use props suited to their performance. 17 3.Two-to-tango With its ever increasing popularity, also made famous by many reality shows, we would like to take this event to new heights. Presenting it in its new avatar, this competition is all set to rock the Thomson stage.

Rules and Regulations : It is a pair dance event. Any two individuals can pair up (irrespective of their genders) to participate in this event. O Contestants will have to perform a part of the prepared dance.

0 music piece for elimination round must be same as of Final round 3. 0 Time limit: 1 minute. O Full performance of prepared dance. Time limit: 5 minutes. Participants can use props suited to their performance.

4. Inertia With Inertia we bring to you a platform to exhibit your heritage.