In the start of President Obama’s address.

he starts out by utilizing the term Anaphora”Hello. Centennial state! ( Applause. ) Thank you! Are you fired up? Are you ready to travel? ( Applause. ) Are you fired up? ” This helps him to acquire the audience ready for his address. and it creates a good ambiance which besides helps him to do a great address In his address Barak Obama uses a batch of pathos loaded phrases to assist him prosecute his audience and carry them to hold with him. We see this in his address when he introduces some good friends “We’ve got some good friends here today. You’ve got your outstanding governor. John Hickenlooper…And all of you are here.

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which makes me aroused. ”This is an illustration of poignancy because. Barak Obama entreaties to the audience emotions by mentioning to other of import political people who is from Denver. and by completing up his sentence by stating that the audience makes him exited.By arousing this sentiment in his audience.

Obama manages to acquire the audience traveling. and ready to hear more of what Obama has to state. Which is a really of import why to get down off. because so he knows that the audience is naming to him. We besides see this in his address when he starts to speak about Romney’s politics” It turns out it’s non a five-point program Governor Romney has got. it’s a one-point plan… And we’ve been working for four old ages to clean up this muss that these policies left behind. ”This is an illustration of poignancy because.

when Obama talks about Governor Romney’s political relations he tries to link to the audience emotion. and he besides tries to convert them that his political relations is the right 1. Obama thereby achieves to acquire his audience to hold with him.

when he criticizes Governor Romney’s political relations. He succeeds in making it. when he tells about that Romney has a five point program.

when it’s merely a one which they already tried before Obama took office.And that program took America into the worst economic crises since the Great Depression. In his address Obama uses logos by appealing to the audience sense. We see this in his address when he talks about voting” Don’t hoot — ballot. ( Applause. ) Vote. That’s the manner to demo your sentiment. is to vote” This is a clear illustration of Son because he clearly entreaties to the sense of the audience.

By appealing to the sense of the audience. Obama succeeds in acquiring his message out ; that it is of import that you vote. alternatively of merely kicking about the other parties position. He is stating that the lone manner you can acquire your sentiment out. is to vote.

A small later in Obama’s address. he entreaties to the audience sense once more. we see this in his address when he talks about the symptoms of romnesia. and tells what the remedy is. ”But.

Denver. I want you to cognize this: If you feel any symptoms coming on… There’s a remedy. Colorado. every bit long as you vote. ( Applause. ) There’s a remedy. ”This is an illustration of Son because ; Obama is once more appealing to the audience sense that they need to vote for him. By appealing to the audience Obama achieves.

to do certain that they know that he is the remedy for Romnesia. By the word Romnesia. Obama uses the term wordplay ; this helps him to make a negative feeling of the work.

when you compare it to his ain health care bundle “Obamacare” . with this term he besides uses a wordplay merely in a positive manner. which creates a good feeling about the word. But the most of import portion of this quotation mark is. that he makes certain that the audience. see him as the remedy. You can state that he is utilizing Sons and poignancy in this quotation mark.

because he is besides seeking to make out after the audience emotions.During president Obama’s address he uses a batch of different footings. the two I have concentrated about is pathos and logos. I find these two footings really of import. because it helps him build a good flowing address.

while he besides gets the audience or the 1s watching it in Television to hold with him. that’s how he uses poignancy. For the once who isn’t sure of what they are traveling to vote or if they are traveling to vote. here he uses logos to make out to the sense audience and attempts to assist them make up one’s mind on voting for him.