Last updated: June 18, 2019
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When people talk about terrorism, one could never miss the 9/11 bombing. It left a traumatic scar in the face of the United States. That scar came from a wound that brought pain to millions of people not only from the U. S. but also from around the world (Utley). After that, the Government exerted great efforts to stop any act of terrorism from happening. They tightened security in public places, added more people in law enforcement, and passed laws against terrorism. That includes being alert and keeping close watch of people moving in to America.

Immigrants’ fear. Because of the terrorism scare that has enveloped America, authorities are now strictly enforcing anti-terrorism laws especially among immigrants from countries known to harbor terrorists. Immigrants are closely watched, their immigration papers thoroughly examined, and any hint of falsification would mean arrest and detention. For the Government, they deem that these actions, although a bit harsh, is necessary in safeguarding the welfare of the people of America. Ideally, who would want to have a terrorist in their backyard? But real question is for the immigrants.

Isn’t it a bit unfair to judge them wrongly? Isn’t it a bit overboard for the government to enforce such regulations, that even a misspelled name could mean getting yourself arrested? This is the rising fear of the immigrants. Reports have shown that about 500 people have immigration charges after a series of national investigations these past two years. The authorities admitted that some are found to have no terrorism ties, just plain innocent, poor victims of circumstances (Sheridan). Before the 9/11 bombing, immigration to the United States was not a real hassle.

The immigrants are treated with respect, even though they came from other countries. Surely, inspection is rigorous, but not to the extent of invading other people’s privacy. Prosecution and Detention Terrorism charges are difficult to prosecute. It requires extensive investigation and distinctive proofs and evidences. But because of immigration laws, it is faster and easier to detain people who could be planning attacks. In some cases, they detain immigrants in the grounds of overstaying a visa, or use it to deport suspected terrorists or supporters of terrorists.

Violation charges may be a bit harsh, but still, it is a legal action by the authorities. They are legitimate charges. There are negative commentaries coming from Muslim and civil liberties activists. They say that these authorities are imposing the imposing these minor violations mainly on Muslim and Arab immigrants, while millions of other immigrants just get away with it. They stated that many of those who are charged are not really involved directly or indirectly with terrorism.

Their approach is practically involving the Muslim and Arab immigrants, where they will not tolerate their mistakes, no matter how big or how small it is. The case is like finding fault on a person so that you can take him in. They see a person they want to arrest, they would review the papers thoroughly, and when they see a small mistake, they make it as a ground for arrest, detention, or worse, deportation. According to the authorities, they only target people who, according to their thorough investigation, are involved in some type of activity, that there is a possibility that they could be a threat to national security.

Immigration Charges and Terrorism Authorities stated that whenever a case is too classified to discuss or that it could jeopardize other investigations, they would result into issuing immigration charges. In other words, this is to cover up their tracks when they make mistakes, arresting the wrong people. But instead of freeing them, they would then look for something to charge these suspected terrorists, so as not to bust their investigation. They aren’t even sure if these people really are connected with terrorism.

If you were in these people’s shoes, wouldn’t it seem a bit too unfair? Safety Measures, Unjust Proceedings The government’s answer to these problems is short but meaningful. America is under a threat. We need to protect ourselves. If negligence could lead to another 9/11 incident, then we must act now. There is no room for error. But we must never forget about respect. Everyone has the right to get an attorney, to undergo legal proceedings. People are not being classified into races; they are not being singled out.

We must protect America. Any useful information that could stop any possible attacks will be thoroughly studied. This is all for the welfare of our nation. If these things are the sacrifices we have to take in order to ensure our country’s safety, then we must endure it. For me, it is ok. The Real Reason The country indeed, must be mindful about the need to value respect to the people and their rights. But at all costs, the United States government needs to defend the American people. That is the most important thing to do (Bush).