Immigration: Proud To Be An Illegal Immigrant?Immigration is an important part of the American history, and how the nation was founded. Immigration has allowed for people who have low income and low education to come to America to better their lives for themselves and their families. It has allowed many people to leave harsh, dangerous conditions in search for a better life, which can be found with hard work and determination. These conditions can also be found in the constitution in Life, Liberty, and The Pursuit of Happiness, and to take away a persons dream because they are not able to come here is a disgrace of what America is founded on.

Immigration has many negative connotations surrounding it, such as the idea that immigrants steal jobs from hard working American people. There is no evidence to support this conclusion, and actually, the opposite has been deemed true. David Cole states in 5 Myths About Immigration “numerous studies have found that immigrants actually create more jobs than they fill.

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” Evidence is also shown in 5 myths about immigration that immigrants are hard working people and run over 40,000 businesses in New York alone which represents $3.5 billion dollars to the economy every year. If United States citizens attempted to help integrate these immigrants into the country, then the results could become even more beneficial and could cause immigrants to try harder to learn the language and how to become a vital part of the American society.

Another negative connotation associated with immigration is the idea that they are overrunning the streets of America. A statistic in Cole’s essay shows that 70-80 percent of immigrants that come here are directly related to American citizens or are refugees. The total amount of unregistered, illegal immigrants only results in 1 percent of the United States population.One argument made against immigration is how much money it is costing to pay for all the illegal immigrants health care and other social needs. This hypothesis is also untrue, and statistics have shown that immigrantsactually profit the United States because of the amount they are forced to pay in taxes every year. They are requiring so little of payment for the work they sustain that the amount they pay in taxes actually becomes equivalent with what they are taking away from the economy.American’s also argue that regardless of whether there are immigrants here or not, low-skill jobs still get done.

They are argue that if New York is looked at, even though there are many immigrants living in New York City, there are very few that live in upper New York, and yet all of those low-skill positions are filled. Although this is true, New York is a poor example because it has a very large population, and needs many jobs filled. If a different city or state were used for an example, the outcome would be different. Although there are many highly successful people that live in New York, lots of unemployed, dreamers also move to New York to try and become successful.

This leaves a lot of young, uneducated people who need low-skill job. However, if a state such as Ohio is looked at, many of the young adults here have moved on to college, or have found a stable job working at a restaurant, or starting their own mechanic business, which means that the number of immigrants that could take the low-skill positions that are available increases due to new businesses starting, and educated young adults taking all the high end jobs. Tatiana-Roxana Nae discusses immigration in Romania and helps show another example of immigration helping economy in her article. Romania as well as other destination countries have some of the highest remittance from their low and middle class immigrants, which means that those citizens are spending money a lot of money and helping the economy flourish.A potential solution to immigration could be allowing them to come to the United States under the direction that they will have to attend a higher education, and obtain a respectable job.

This would open up more job opportunities for young adults by having the immigrants open up new businesses that they have gone to a place of higher learning for. The argument that immigrants do not assimilate well would be stopped, and the idea that immigrants are hurting the economy would also be reduced due to the fact that they would be implementing jobs throughout the country, as well as paying taxes, and health care like every other American citizen. Another solution would be allowing immigrants to migrate to the United States, and just attempt to help them assimilate properly into the American culture that way they would be able find a respectable job that would allow them to help their families, and teach them the dedication of hard work.

If the United States attempted to help immigrants entering the United States, the negative effects of immigration would be eradicated, and the positive effects could help the country flourish by introducing new jobs into the economy and also helping to remove the amount of people on welfare and unemployment. Take this quote by Victor Davis Hanson for instance “But the real problem is that we, the hosts, are also different from our predecessors. Today we ask too little of too many of our immigrants. We apparently don’t care whether they come legally or learn English –or how they fare when they’re not at work. Nor do we ask all of them to accept the brutal bargain of an American melting pot that rapidly absorbs the culture of an immigrant in exchange for the benefits of citizenship.” This quote is true in some regards, but false in others. It is true that the United States asks too little of many of the immigrants that are entering the country. What is untrue however is that they do not care.

Any evidence does not support the argument that they do not care; many people in the United States would rather have immigrants that are capable of learning the language, however they have no prior knowledge as of how to teach a person a language. If the government took some initiative in teaching immigrants United States customs, and how to assimilate, then the country could benefit profusely.