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This concern study addresses the impacts of sail touristry offered by Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. on the environment and its related issues. It aims to go to the necessity of Ecotourism as a sustainable concern for the company.

Although Royal Caribbean ( the universe ‘s 2nd largest sail with 23.8 % of universe ‘s market portion ) has contributed positively to regional growing by variegation, making occupation chance, gaining foreign militias but it has diverse issues related to economic, socio cultural and the environment. However the chief focal point will be on environment which is strongly affected by the addition in sail lines and there is a demand to protect the ecosystem.

The issues of sail touristry refering to the environment arises because of three of import grounds ; deficiency of proper waste direction, choice of improper tourers finishs, and in conclusion because sails does n’t curtail to the figure of visitant transporting capacity of the touristry finishs, ensuing in site congestion, assemblage of wastes, impairment of archeological and historical sites. Tourist finishs should be national Parkss, vegetations and zoologies alternatively of delicate finishs. Due to ocean pollution the company has to pay punishment which raises its disbursals, incur losingss and besides societal impact.

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Even if cruise touristry is the fastest turning concern of the travel industry nevertheless if the growing is non planned decently it may do economic, environment and socio-cultural impacts on tourer finishs. Therefore, the demand for responsible touristry is extremely recommended for the sustainability of the concern, which can be achieved by ecotourism. Ecotourism is one signifier of touristry, which addresses the negative impacts associated with mass touristry through the execution of sustainable patterns. Its impacts and benefits are critically analysed and it was recommended for the company to implement it.

Necessity of Ecotourism as a sustainable step for Royal Caribbean

1. Introduction

Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. is the universe ‘s 2nd largest sail company founded in 1969 and it. The company is responsible for giving a new dimension to the sail industry transforming a simple ocean bearer service into a mega holiday option. It sails in more than 160 finishs with a assortment of travel options. The two trade names are “ Royal Caribbean International ” and “ Celebrity Cruises ” . It operates globally, nevertheless bulk of its riders are from North America. Main rivals are Carnival Corporation, NCL Corporation, and Star Cruises Ltd. ( Royal Caribbean International, n.d. )

The chief aim of this study is to place the issues, analyze the impacts of the issue on the sustainability, urge a solution to repair the issue, happen out its benefit, and its execution by the company doing it a sustainable concern.

The issues and challenges faced by Royal Caribbean cruises in footings of societal, economical and environmental factors are discussed in this study. The job that was identified with the sail touristry of RCCL was the improper waste direction which lead to ocean pollution therefore impacting the Marine every bit good as tellurian environment. The toxicant oil escape from the vass killed people and besides had harmful effects doing lifelessly diseases. This impacted the environment every bit good as society. The economic system of the company was negatively wedged because Royal Caribbean had to pay heavy punishment for fouling the environment. This raises the issue of sustainability because for the company ‘s long term concern, it is indispensable to hold a balance between these three factors. Ecotourism is suggested as a tool for sustainability. However it is of import to critically analyse the potency of ecotourism as a scheme for development, evaluate the impacts and benefits of ecotourism, and the ways to better ecotourism patterns and policies for Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd.

2. Issues

With the addition in popularity of leisure touristry, the company focuses on supplying escapade, relaxation and amusement to riders from across the Earth and tourer finishs as a portion of the sail bundle trades. However it is besides necessary to keep the glorification of such finishs as it is linked to the environmental public presentation and the hereafter of touristry besides depends on it. Marine life should be protected which is the base of transporting industry. Cruises generate a high volume of wastes, pollutants into the H2O organic structure which affects the marine environment. Royal Caribbean was found guilty of illegal waste-handling by disposing the toxic waste into the Alaska ‘s Inland Passage Waterss thereby fouling the Marine environment and for which it has to pay a mulct of $ 18 M. But the company was convicted by the U.S Federal for 11 times in charge of ocean pollution. The $ 9M and $ 18M mulcts each were the highest record set for the largest pollution punishment for a cruise-ship company ( Fishman, 2000 ) . These pollution dirts non merely increased the disbursals but besides affected the company ‘s gracious public image. The socio- cultural issue in Haiti has besides put Royal Caribbean under a heavy media fire. The company brings the vacationists to a private resort maintained by it in Labadee, Haiti, which is 60 stat mis off from the earthquake-ravaged Port-au-Prince ( Bennett, 2010 ) . Ms. Martinez, Manager Corporate Communications said, “ the company is really sensitive to the thought of presenting a holiday experience so near to the epicenter of the temblor, ” but given the fiscal and societal challenges the state is now confronting, it needs the positive economic benefits Royal Caribbean ‘s sails provide. Despite Royal Caribbean ‘s aid to the Haiti alleviation attempt, $ 1 M contribution as alleviation fund, the company is charged for conveying patrol cars to this topographic point. It is criticized stating that the sail line should ne’er hold tried to blend its commercialism and human-centered attempts in stating its side of the narrative ( Bush, 2010 ) .

In a nutshell, the chief issue figured out was cruise touristry which had the serious jobs like deficiency of proviso for waste disposal taking to environment and economic crisis, finish choice raising societal issues. We will further analyze the effects of sail touristry in this study.

Impacts of Cruise Tourism on the Environment

The sail touristry is likely to hold effects on assorted facets of the maritime and tellurian environments. There is ever a high possibility of oil spills by the ships in the sea which is really hard to clean up in the cold remote locations. The impact of vas activity in the genteelness land and feeding countries of Marine mammals risks the wild life and is an country of concern. Whereas the tellurian environment is affected by the legion riders who frequently make shore visit to topographic points of natural and historical involvements as a portion of their sail vacation bundle, either by velocity boats, zodiac or choppers thereby making noise pollution and destructing the archeological sites. Another possible menace is at that place to the vegetations and zoologies of the topographic point because these species have low tolerance capacity which leads to the devastation of the ecosystem. Not merely this, there is a societal and cultural break among autochthonal people whose communities play host to cruise visitants on an progressively regular footing.

While sail touristry has the possible to interrupt local communities it besides has the capacity to enrich them. It can lend positively to the economic systems of distant communities and besides can be viewed as an environmentally sustainable option.

Aspects of planetary environmental alteration with relevancy to cruise touristry

The effects are on three sectors: Infrastructure, Access, and Attractions. Cruise touristry increases the unfastened H2O which leads to ramp rushs and shoreline erodings. This creates structural harm and raises building and technology jobs. An consequence on Access is because of decline in sea-ice extent doing extended transportation season and thaw of glaciers besides causes iceberg jeopardies. Consequence on the attractive forces is because environmental alterations alter local activity possibilities, alterations scenic values locally and fluctuations in ecosystem lead to changes in distribution and copiousness of bing carnal species ( Gissling & A ; Hall, 2005, p. 44 ) .

3. Recommendations

Royal Caribbean should accommodate Ecotourism concern to turn to the sustainability dimensions which will supply a diverseness of economic benefits to the company, environment and the community. The benefits of implementing this sustainability pattern will cut down operating costs, protect the trade name image, supply believable selling advantage, increase client base, and better the concern efficiency.

It is recommended for Royal Caribbean to deter mass touristry because going in little groups helps to conserve energy and the waste demands of riders are managed in a better manner, thereby holding low impact on the environment ( Paul F. J. Eagles, 2002, p. 20 ) . The travelers should be educated on patterns respectful to the local environment and the benefits of small-group responsible touristry. So bound in patrol cars figure will assist to protect the local touristry substructure for future coevalss.

Cruise finish should be selected sagely because travel to good virgin countries is harmful and may damage countries of the environment that are extremely rare and delicate. It should sail to nature based topographic points like national Parkss, countries of preservations where vegetations, zoologies, and cultural heritage are the primary attractive forces.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle should be the scheme for waste direction. It should recycle all stuffs like glass, plastic, paper etc. Water bottles can be reused ; particular processing of wastes such as toner cartridges, wooden palettes and cooking oil should be done by approved shore side sellers. The outstanding refuse can be reused in some states as route fill, or can be treated as particular waste for farther processing or disposed of in a landfill. The unconsumed groceries by the invitees can be sent to the crew galleys ; staying nutrient garbages can be treated inside the vacuity system of the ship and can be discharged to the sea. Similarly H2O waste is filtered and purified into drinkable H2O.

Tour can lend financially toward the local economic system and nature preservation ( WTO & A ; UNEP, 2005, pp. 9-10 ) . It should reach the local ushers, local activity suppliers for the travel usher to the local topographic points ; the patrol cars can buy from the local purchasers thereby advancing the local concern, visit the national Parkss.

Support the unity of local civilizations by incorporating Tourss within the cultural cloth of the sites. The riders should be encouraged to remain in local hotels, visit topographic points, and take part in activities that surrogate meaningful interactions with them. It helps in supplying employment, encourages cultural exchange and strengthening of intercultural apprehension and tolerance for both invitees and hosts.


Martha Honey defines as “ Travel to fragile, pristine, and normally protected countries that strive to be low impact and ( normally ) little graduated table. It helps educate the traveler, provides financess for preservation ; straight benefits the economic development and political authorization of local communities, and Fosters respect for different civilizations and for human rights. ” ( Honey, 1999, p. 25 )

Advantages of Ecotourism

It can assist in protecting the ecosystems, continuing natural countries and increase the touristry.

Increase the consciousness on environment ; educate people about the effects of working natural resources.

Aid in supplying employment to the local and regional people, e.g. merchandising of handcrafts, local nutrient points etc. ; this besides creates some entrepreneurial accomplishments ( Leader-Williams, Hashimova, & A ; Guliyeva, 2004, p. 45 ) .

Additions foreign militias of the part, enhances economic growing.

Raises the heat to multitude state ‘s political, environmental and societal clime

Cultivate a feeling of pride and community through a resurgence or safeguarding of customary beliefs, patterns and enriching techniques.

Untouched finishs and natural activities may go a fad for tourers making range for ecotourism.

Diversifying the touristry bundle into interesting events such as arrest in state boats, trail walks etc. will assist retaining the gross generated with the local people and advance local economic system.

Figure 1: Sustainable Development Triangle ( World Conservation Union, 2003 )

Using the above figure of sustainable development triangle we can state that ecotourism puts a balance between these three sides i.e. economic system, environment, and the society. For the long term development of a company it is necessary to be sustainable ; Ecotourism will convey future and current benefits every bit good every bit work as a signifier of sustainable development. SWOT Analysis of Ecotourism can be referred in the Appendix attached at the last.

4. Execution

The company should acquire the new standards for choosing finishs in a sail ship port of call from the touristry council. It should follow the guidelines on ecotourism finishs set by the Global Sustainable Tourism Council. After that a 3rd party confirmation of its land jaunts adhering to Global Sustainable Tourism Council-recognized criterion by 2015 should be done. Once concluding GSTC Criteria for Destinations are in topographic point, they will supply another criterion by which Royal Caribbean can judge ports of call. ( Wilkinson, Global Sustainable Tourism Council, 2012 )

Timeline: An blessing from the CEO has to be obtained and so the company should follow GSTC for obtaining the standard. This procedure of execution will take around 3 old ages which is the timeline.

Alternatively of activities like snorkelling, scuba plunging etc. which has impact on the marine life there can be other attractive forces like sing preservation country, Plantation house, exuberant forest trekking, catamaran drive to beaches where the invitees can hold beach barbecue. Keeping the quality of these experiences means incorporating the guidelines of sustainability, with the aid of a GSTC adviser.

Timeline: There should be an blessing received from the strategic planning section and It can be implemented within 6 months from now.

There should be proper waste disposal system in the sails. Modern equipment like fumes gas scrubbers should put in on smokestacks, superior effluent purification should be on the vass. RCCL can implement these systems on the newer ships as a step to handle all sort of wastes like solid waste, H2O waste and air waste. It can besides hold extremely developed systems like rearward Osmosis system that uses merely 35 per centum of the electricity consumed as compared to older units for change overing sea H2O into potable ship H2O.

Timeline: Blessing from the corporate administration section should be obtained and this can be implemented within 6 months from now.

In order to continue the environment from dumping things overboard RCCL can originate plans for educating the patrol cars, travelers, crews for recycling all the wastes like aluminum canes, H2O bottles, nutrient materials etc. It can besides buy more than one million lbs of recycled merchandises each twelvemonth. An blessing from the Chief executive officer can be obtained for instantly implementing the program and the countenance for buying recycled merchandises can besides be got from finance section.

Timeline: This can be implemented within 2 month.

5. Decision

Ecotourism is a win-win solution for finishs where the preservation attempts for the environment are besides associated with the support chances of the local people. For ecotourism to be effectual in its true sense there is a demand to develop a proper ecotourism bundle which should be different from the bing mass touristry bundles.

Royal Caribbean ‘s program to implement Ecotourism as a sustainability step is so a applaudable determination. The company ‘s enterprise to patronize plans such as puting new standards for choosing vacation finishs, running plans like “ Salvage the Waves ” with mission as cut down, reuse, recycle will surely assist it for a long term development and get the better of the challenges to prolong its concern. Although RCCL ‘s investing will be more on these sustainable steps but it will non hold a negative impact on the environment, societal image and the economic system every bit good because there will be no menace for brawny mulcts for making pollution.