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Imperialism in Egypt greatly injured. but besides helped their development politically. economically. and socially. In 1876. when the Suez Canal opened. Ismail Pasha sold the Suez’s portions in order to have money fast. Because of this stupid determination. the patriots began a revolution so the leader. Tawfik Pasha. asked for aid from British. In 1882 the British occupied Egypt.

Politically. the British took over because they wanted to hold outward enlargement. They thought that because of their turning population they should spread out out from Europe. The Egyptian authorities was in confusion because the British governor’s boy. or Khedive. had been overrun by Colonel Arabi. who wanted no foreign presence in Egypt. The British killed Colonel Arabi’s work forces and restored the Khedive into power. Unfortunately though for him he had no power because the British did non go forth Egypt. In 1881 Egypt started to organize a House of Representatives but Britain revoked it.

Economically. Egypt was really unstable. about like the other African states. but lucky for them they had a extremely efficient trade path. In 1869. along with the gap of the Suez Canal came many net incomes and a big economic system encouragement. Many net incomes came from the merchandising of the Suez Canal Company’s portions to investors. More net incomes came from every boat because they had to pay a fee for go throughing through the canal.

Socially. Muhammad Ali had a end to spread out the power of Egypt geographically. In order to carry through this end Egypt had to industrialise by constructing school. public work countries. and mills. Because instruction was so of import to

Muhammad. he sent people abroad to larn more about other states. He said that instruction people was a critical portion to constructing a stronger Egypt. Muhammad besides built up a big ground forces and conquered environing states to do Egypt stronger in universe trade.

Imperialism in Egypt was both bad in some ways. and good in others. It helped the state convey in much needed money but on the other manus it stopped them from taking charge and puting up their ain authorities. In all. imperialism didn’t have much consequence it merely took Egypt longer to acquire to their current position.