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When Pakistan established in 1947, there were two main ideologies which were “socialism”, supported by USSR (Russia) and “Capitalism” by USA, were being disseminating in the world, when the Indian subcontinent had demarcated in to two sovereign states, India without taking much time joined socialism; but Pakistan neither joined capitalism nor supported socialism. He wanted his own principles to be applicable and practicable, i. e.

Islamic law where everything is in accordance with Qur’an law and doctrines. This was the reason which brings about an outlet for the rest of world such as USA and Russia to be interested in Pakistan to invigorate their own dominant ideologies (socialism & capitalism) here in. Further more for USA it keeps rather more importance in comparison, because the land lock country Afghanistan (where he was able to prevailed capitalism by defeating socialism in1988) has no passing way of its own.

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Pakistan in only country through which America could sustain and survive there over. Another big reason ‘why the Pakistan is of so much importance in respect its Geographical location’ Is because it occupies “four different culture” in its surrounding, namely Afghanistan with central Asian culture in the west; Iran with middle east culture in south; India with South Asian culture in East and china with Eastern culture in North Pakistan.

Pakistan is important due to its location because it is neighbour country of Middle East and have common border with china, India, Iran, Afghanistan and Central Asia state of Uzbekistan. It is important for united state because it gives access to Afghanistan and Central Asia. It is important for India because Pakistan is a land route to Iran and other west Asian countries. Pakistan’s coastline is also important because it is a warm water port and serves many landlocked countries too.

It remains operational throughout the year. Some of the air routes between east and west pass through Pakistan therefore Jinnah terminal, Karachi could have immense importance. It is situated in such a place that it can easily obtain the four seasons of the year with ease and facility to grow any types of crops plus it is politically important because it is obtained with the hardship of many big hearted people and their spirits may wander in Pakistan to keep the country happy. -1.

The areas located to the north and the north west are land locked, the Karachi sea port can serve these areas and earn the wealth of the country 2. The coastline of Pakistan is located in central position for trading with middle east and south Asia 3. Some of the air routes between east and west pass through Pakistan therefore Jinnah terminal, Karachi could have immense importance but it is under used due to terrorism these days. Therefore Dubai Airport is preferred over Jinnah Terminal.