Importance of Sleep Sleep is an altered province of consciousness wherein the person is relaxed. at remainder and non witting of the external environment.

nevertheless. the organic structure is still actively working. Most people sleep 6 to 8 hours everyday.

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nevertheless surveies have shown tha during slumber. our encephalons alternate between more intense and less intense activity ( Myers. 2004. The importance of slumber to the organic structure has no been adequately established by scientific research nevertheless we can infer the importance of slumber by the fact that when a individual is good rested and able to kip good are more watchful. active. concentration is at its extremum and in amount healthier than those who have non slept good. Furthermore.

scientists have found that during slumber. the organic structure is able to regenerat and regenerate itself by the fix and growing of organic structure tissues. During sleep. we spend less energy than being awake. and it seems that this is when the organic structure is able to mend itself.

Our organic structure has a reserved amoun of energy that it uses as fuel during the twenty-four hours. this modesty is used up when we are active and awake. nevertheless when we are asleep. this modesty is once more filled by the organic structure to fix for the following twenty-four hours.

Therefore. when a individual is non able tobody to fix for the following twenty-four hours. Therefore. when a individual is non able to kip. he /she feels tired. sulky and fatigued. Sleep is besides necessary for growing ( Myers.

2004 surveies have shown that the growing endocrine is activated during slumber every bit good as the development of castanetss in babies and immature kids. Which is why. babes and immature kids need more sleep than grownups. It has besides been said that it is during slumber that the encephalon encodes the information it has received to memory ( Myers.

2004 ) as suggested by the intense activity of the encephalon during slumber which is why those who lack slumber are frequently unretentive and has shorter attending span.