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Important reasons why there should be minimum wage in America.


Since this assignment is to be used for debate, reasons in support of the argument have been stated and elaborated upon in a list format.

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America is the leading country in labor reform.  We set the tone for labor conditions and compensation, and the rest of the world follows.  If we abide by a fair minimum wage, other countries will realize the value of their worker and the work performed and follow suit simply because we are such trendsetters in global economy.
Minimum wage is a basis by which the worker measures and understands his or her worth in the workplace.  If a worker is paid below minimum wage for the work performed, his or her morale will reflect in the quality of the work performed and the attitude exhibited throughout the process.  Similarly, a worker paid above the minimum wage will demonstrate a greater appreciation for the work, the employer, and the system of labor.
The government is required to protect laborers and employers from mutual exploitation.  Setting and adhering to a minimum wage guarantees that neither the laborer nor the employer will take advantage of each other.
Minimum wage is just that: MINIMUM.  Wages paid could be higher, but they cannot be lower.  Minimum wage is also not very competitive.   It is ideal for entry level workers or those who lack substantial experience in a particular field.  It provides incentives for laborers to “work their way up” the wage ladder.
Wages should be commensurate with experience and the nature and intensity of the work performed.  A position that pays minimum wage generally conjures images of a low labor intensive job with minimal responsibility or risk involved.  Likewise, the higher above minimum wage that a position pays generally conjures images of a more demanding job.  Therefore, minimum wage is a good way to gauge the job skill set.
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