In Today era We are living in a technological world, where we can not think live without technology or gadget. In simple word technology is a part of way of life where mobile phones, Internet,  Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, Google-plus, WhatsApp) is a part of daily line and way of life to enjoy and show off the life in different manner and superior to other.When phones and Internet make world small and ease to interact with people and memories with them, also we shared lots of emotion in digital (Photos, Videos) form with each other and as a professional we also shared lots of files and other important document.Now, When we shared things like that one question hit in mind IS IT SECURE ? and HOW TO SAVE THIS ALL STUFF ? So how to save all these stuff without and any hassle also without any downloaded Application.Now, Here We share two different method to “Hide Photos, videos” and “Hide File or Folder” without any app. Let’s have a look:Method 1:HOW TO CREATE A HIDDEN FOLDER ?When we talking about the android mobile phone then We should remember one thing ANDROID is largest operating system used by people and also it has lots of feature which generally we don’t know and how to use them ? Here We share a method “How to Create A Hidden Folder ?” Follow these steps to create a hidden folder in your android phone by personal computer (pc) or Your android mobile phones.

STEP 1: Go in your device file manager and create a “New folder” with this NAME “.” or “.hidden file” (without quotes). You should have a “FILE MANAGER” in your operating system or mobile. where you have to perform specific task.

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Note: We are using File Manager HD(File transfer), If you don’t have any file manager in your device then you can download it without any hassle.STEP 2: Now you can move all your stuff like images, videos and all files.Now go in setting and click on “Show hidden file”, if it unchecked. now you can move all file which you want keep hide and secure from unwanted access.

Method 2:HOW TO HIDE IMAGE, VIDEOS AND FILES IN FOLDER ?As already we saw in “Method 1” how to create a folder, here we will “How to hide stuff in a folder?” You have to follow this command in Hidden folder “.nomedia” (without quotes)..nomedia works as a simple command that will hide your specific files in specified folder which you choose. You will still able to see and access your data using of file manager, but it will be hidden in the main interface of your android phone.

If you would like to see the data again, delete the “.nomedia” file you just created.Above both method enough to save your data in normal way but if you are looking for more techy trick then you keep in touch In Next article, We will share “How to create password protected folder and images?”