In modern life, it is assumed that getting a job isnot a big problem, while some argue seeking for a career can be a challenge. Infact, according to General Statistics Office(GSO) of Vietnam in 2017, theunemployment rate in Vietnam was estimated about 2.28%, approximately 1.

1billion of people (Cong, 2017). Even in the United States, the highestunemployment rate found in New Mexico was 6.7% (Mei-Pochtler, 2016). This leadsto a question why people can not find a job when labor market is steeply widen.To answer this question, it is firstly better to understand the definition ofunemployment. Amadeo (2017) stated: “Unemployment is defined by the Bureau ofLabor Statistics as people who do not have a job, have actively looked for workin the past four week, and are currently available for work.” Unemployment notonly happens among those who have just graduated from universities but also incohort who are at the age of working which means sometimes they have short-termjobs and then change to another one rapidly. After a long time trying everytypes of works, they may loose their inspiration and become unemployed.

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Withthe aim to clarify this problem, this research will discuss in details causes,effects and solutions of unemployment.2.Discussion of findings2.

1. Causes of unemploymentThe behavior of people when they are at work is one ofthe factors leading to unemployment. A person who do not take responsibility towhat is assigned, often late for work or has personal argument with colleges ormanager tends to be out of work (Redmond, n.d). For instance, they may make up some reasons to sophisticate for their regularabsence. Moreover, employers, in some cases, think that they can elevate theirpositions at office or have promotion by trying to eliminate their co-workers.

Not only attitudes but also skills play vital role in deciding whether peoplecan be accepted or not. Mike (2018) believed that rarely a person who isskillful can not find a job. In fact, if people are not flexible, they are notable to do any works though they may have some chances to do it because of thehigh requirement of the business(Victor, 2016).Another cause making citizens unemployed is poorgovernmental plan. Some governments are self-interested that they do notconsider to supply adequate living standards for inhabitants. People do notreceive any help from government such as subsidies or job opportunities andeven any encouragement to start working. In addition, governments do nothing toreduce unemployment rate but go on using public fund for private purpose.

Thiscan be called “corruption”, which resulted in 68% of people in Liberia wereunemployed in 2008 (Mike, 2018).Last but not least, being out of work can be resultedfrom overpopulation. Workers all over the world are at risk of being withoutwork due to the rise in number of people. It may be difficult for them to get ajob when they have many competitors. For example, someone may looseopportunities to take over a vacancy in a company for others want to apply forit and job vacancies are limited, of course. It is inevitable that the unemploymentrate will increase if there are more workers than the labor market requires(Victor, 2016).

2.2.Effects of unemploymentUnemployment causes the great impact on society(Nguyen, 2013). As reported by Aaltonen, Macdonald, Martikainen and Kivivuori (2013),unemployment rate has close relationship with the increase in levels of crimeand they explained that this is “because unemployment persons lack the socialbonds that provide them with a stake in conforming law-abiding behaviors.”Robbery was considered as another criminal activeness. Unemployed people dothat since they have no income (Mike, 2018). This circumstance can seriouslydestroy the ethic practice and even threaten to health.

People’s mental healthmay be affected by being out of work. To be specific, they can getpsychological stress when and may do harm to themselves or even people aroundthem (Reneflot, Evensen, 2012).According to Reddy (n.

d), people have to depend ontheir personal earnings and advantages when they are sacked from work,contributing to lower the living-standard. Their situation become worse andworse, forcing them not to use much from source of savings for their living. Asa consequence, the economic can also be affected, Victor (2016) called it”economic stress”. He proved that economy is unable to develop due to theunaffordable financial obligations of people. Economy of a country can notdevelop means that it is depressing, which results in the decrease in domesticincome and lack of investment, inflation begins to exist.2.

3.Solutions of unemploymentThe initial necessary resolution is of the government.Firstly, it is vital for them to remain the policy of the country stable. Thisaction can enhance the status of labor market which effects directly on theircitizens, creates strong belief that they are prone to escape from unemploymentand poverty.

Secondly, educational standards need to be improved. As long as peopleare educated and trained properly, their qualifications can be put to higherlevels and getting a good job may be easier. Finally, another duty ofgovernment is to control the growth of population (Reddy, n.d).

All thingsdemonstrated is likely to recover the economic condition, enabling governmentto provide enough jobs for their citizens (Riley, n.d).Being unemployed or not also depends on individuals.Employers are supposed to try their best to perform effectively at work. Animportant thing suggested is that right from the interviews, it is essentialfor people to make good impression on the interviewers to persuade them bygreat efforts and interest about what they want to do.

If workers can not get ajob find it hard to manage themselves, they need to be positive and active tobroaden their circle of friends. Having several relationships can help them toovercome the hindrance that they are facing and they may get opportunities tobe employed by an organization. Unemployment is liable to be tackled providedthat unemployed people are creative. They can mobilize capital to establishtheir own businesses. Although it is difficult to be successful, people will findout their potential abilities, improve their skills and accumulate moreexperiences (Reddy, n.

d; CareerBuilder Vietnam, 2012).3.ConclusionAbove all, it is obvious that unemployment is a huge worldwideproblem (Mike, 2018) which is caused from both thegovernment and individuals.If no action can be taken to solve this issue, there will be a number ofnegative consequences that deteriorates the situation of society and economy. Peopleall over the world should be optimistic to handle the impacts by cooperatingwith government to reduce the unemployment rate to better their life andaccelerate the development of the country, make it more prosperous.