Inaskari bank abpara branch a have done intern ship of period of six weeks.During my internship I have learned many things. I have learned how the bankfunctions 1st weekOnmy 1 day of internship at askari bank the accountant Ms. Rubina gave me anintroduction about different departments in the bank and also told me about thebank staff. Bank staff is very friendly. On first day I have many questions inmy mind about how the bank operates what are the work performed by thedifferent departments. In first week I learned how to fill deposit slips andbankers cheque. I also learned about customer care how to deal with the customers.

Bank also provide the facility of western union. Customer who wants to collectthe money through western union just simply fill the western union form andprovide necessary information most important the customer enter the MTCN numberwhich was provided to him by the individual who is in foreign country afterthat customer can easily collect the cash.2n weekOnsecond week of my internship I work in accounts department the account officerfirst told me what work is done in this department. She taught me how to checkthe previous day entries and to make sure that every data enter in the computeris correct. I have provided with the pages in which all the previous dayentries is listed like cash deposits, bill payments, challan form , vouchers. Ijust have to match the exact amount and make sure that they attached to therelevant pages. Mam also told me about main functions of account department.The main function of tis department is to keep record of every transaction andprepare a report for amount of deposits and send it to head office.

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Also keeprecord of different expenses occur during the day.3rd weekOnthird week I worked under the assistance of clearing officer sir arif inclearing department. Sir was very friendly and cooperative. In clearing dep Ilearned how the clearing process occurs.

The clearing processoccurs through the institution called NIFT. Sir told me that there are twotypes of clearing one is outward clearing and second is inward clearing. InNIFT cheques were presented that were collected from banks. NIFT providesservices to commercial bank it act as a clearing house.

Inclearing dep I learned how the procedure of clearing of cheques occurred,. Howcheques are being checked, about inward and outward clearing. About differenttypes of clearing stamps?4 weekOn4 week I worked under the supervision of account opening officer Ms. Nargis ofaccount opening department. I learned to open different types of accounts andprocedure to open different types of account and nature of different accounts.Mam told me about types of account·        Single account·        Joint account ·        Partnership account·        Private limited account·        Public limited account    Single accountInsingle account an individual can operate this account. It is a personal accountthe basic requirements to open this account provided by the bank is ID cardphotocopy, minimum deposit balance, form of account opening.

 Joint accountInjoint account an individual mentions that how many person will operate thisaccount. The basic requirements are ID card photocopy, minimum deposit balance,form of account openingAnadditional signature form which provide declaration about the operator ofaccount.Partnership accountTherequirements for this type of account are ID card photocopy, minimum deposit balance,form of account opening, registration certificate, agreement among partners.

Natureof account·        Current account ·        Saving accountCurrent accountIncurrent account an individual’s deposits and withdraw the money whenever theywant. They can deposit money several times a day. There is requirement ofminimum balance in this account.Mamnargis also told how to fill different types of account opening form everyaccount opening has different requirements when an applicant fills the form thedata is entered in the computer.

5th weekInthe fifth week after learning about different types of account I learned how toupload the data into system. The data enter into the system through scanning.Verification of signatures through occurred through scanning. Thumb print isalso required. Mam told me that Account open from head office also the accountnumber is given through head office.Duringthis week I also worked in the credit department. Bank also give loan to itscustomers as well as employees. There is a certain criteria define by the bankto give loan.

There is specified interest rate which is fixed by the government.Customers are required to provide necessary information required by the bank inorder to take loan. Employees who take loan from the bank the bank deduct thefixed amount from their salary .

according to the fixed interest rate.6th weekInsixth week I learned about the cash department. In cash department as aninternee I did not work because management didn’t allow internee to work incash department. This department deal with Cash deposit and payments. In cashdepartment individual deposit and withdraw moneyFollowingbooks are kept in the cash department·        Cash receipt·        Cash payment·        Cash balanceIncash department all kinds of payments are received like payment of bills,school and university fees other utility bills and data is recorded in thecomputer.

Duringthis week I also learned that how ATM card are issued to the account holder.Any individual who wants ATM card first fill the application form. The ATMcards are issued from head office. When a person receives the ATM card in orderto use it they first activate it. in order to activate it an individual call onhelp line number is mentioned the individual is required to tell all theinformation like name CNIC number and other tings required .when an ATM card isactivated customer is provided by the PIN number and can now use the ATM card.Duringmy internship in askari bank I have gained a lot of experience and knowledge.All the staff is cooperated and friendly.

I also gained experience of how todeal with customers.Thebank provides a cooperative and friendly work environment.  Swot analysisStrengths·        All branches of askari bank arecomputerized and have updated software’s that keep the record of customers’accounts and keep up to date information·        Customers feedback is always welcome.Customers are allowed to provide feedback and also give suggestions. If thereis any complaint the bank authorities solve the complaint immediately.·        Most of the askari branches are developedon online system·        Askari bank has a vast network that allowscustomer to access easily.·        Askari bank also provide online bankingservices·        Askari bank introduce I banking thatallows customer to conveniently access their account.

·        Askari bank focuses on customer orientedbanking instead of product oriented banking.·        Askari bank has establish good reputationin financial institutions.·        Askari bank has taken an initiative tolaunch mobile ATM bus service. Weakness·        Askari bank didn’t focus on marketing theyhave weak marketing strategy·        Their hiring process is not effective·        They have lack of training programs·        Employee’s job satisfaction level is low Opportunities·        Askari bank should go for theirgeographical expansion they have great opportunity to expand their business.·        Technology is growing askari bank shouldmore focus and emphasize on technology·        Askari bank should also invest in megaprojects·        They should more focus on improvingIslamic banking·        They should enhance their marketingstrategyThreats·        Political instability·        Inflation is also a threat becauseinflation cause unemployment and because of which bank deposit decreases.·        Competition has increased because offoreign banks they offer better services.·        Competitors focusing on their promotionstrategy which is a threat to askari bank·        Competitors could capture customers bygiving them more benefits·        Job satisfaction level of employees is lowthey can shift to other organizations which is a threat askari bank shouldfocus on job satisfaction of the employees. Conclusion andRecommendationsInaskari bank I have done internship of six weeks and try to understand and learnabout the working of different departments.

With the help of staff and branchmanager I enhance and sharpen my knowledge about the banking sector. During myinternship I have gained knowledge of different departments. Askari bank is thegrowing bank they are focusing more on technology and improve their productsand services. They are focusing more on quality. With the experience I gained Iam able to perform different banking tasks I a good way like account opening, clearing.

All the branches of askari bank are computerized and software’s are being updated.They establish good reputation they are focusing on customer oriented rather thanproduct oriented.Recommendation Theworld economic environment has been changing rapidly creating moreopportunities. Banks are playing very important role in economic growth of acountry.

Askari bank are also contributing but there are certain areas andpoint thy should focus to work more efficiently and effectively.·        Askari bank should open more branches tocapture the market share.·        Most of the banks use media to advertisetheir products and services askari bank should also improve their marketingstrategy and use both electronic and print media for advertisements.·        The bank should focus more on hiring freshtalent skill and highly educated to become more effective and increaseproduction.·        .Employees who are not well trained bankauthorities should arrange training programs for them.

Acknowledgment. First I thank myparents for supporting in my BBA programme. I would also like to thank all myteachers of COMSATS who guide me in the right direction, they taught me how toask questions and express my ideas and guided about internship program. I amalso thankful to branch manager of askari bank Mr. Safdar Ali who taught usmany things during my internship and I would also thankful to the staff ofaskari bank who are very cooperative.