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In Diging a Hole to the Moon. Scott Noon Creley. a poet who holds an MFA in composing from California State University. Long Beach. and a BA in composing from UC Riverside. writes many plants of poesy. In his assorted verse forms. Creley writes his experiences and shows his thought of life. Creley’s experiences of hankering for person and the loss of a loved one brought him to believe that life is unpointed and hopeless. Creley carries this alone thought of life throughout many of his plants of poesy. He takes it farther to a point to even state that there is no point in life in life because nil good can come out of populating it. The possibility of something better at the terminal of a battle is non seeable in his Hagiographas. On the other manus. in Man’s Search for Meaning. the head-shrinker Victor Frankl writes about his experience as a concentration cantonment inmate during World War II and explains that hope is a motivational method that can alter a person’s position of life.

From his experience. Frankl observed that those who survived longest in concentration cantonments were non those who physically strong. but those who retained a sense of hope over their environment. He besides observed that people who did non lose their hope to populate could stand from their strivings. Although both Creley and Frankl writes about their experiences but they have different positions of life. In Diging a Hole to the Moon. Scott Noon Creley believes that life is basically unpointed and hopeless because of his experience in loss of a loved one while Victor Frankl suggests in Man’s Search for Meaning that hope is necessary in life because it motivates people to last and digest from the hurting.

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