In all fairness, Something for Nothing is a lot like other rockish songs I’ve heard, but with it its own fine-tuned uniqueness to it. It’s not perfect.

The screaming effect is a little cringey, but the singer, Geddy Lee does convey the message in the song well. The rest of the band members of Rush also make the song to what it is too. To the fade-out guitar solo by Alex Lifeson, and to the drumming of Neil Peart.There’s a point to the information I gave beforehand.

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These men are good at what they can do. Put them together and you get a band that’s been around the world since the seventies. Give them the idea making another album and eventually, you get to hear this song. Really speaking, when someone does hear this song, the meaning is loud and clear, at least to me anyway. The meaning, in all fairness, is that we are all unique.

We all have free will. We live, love, and burn brightly. We work for what we believe in, even if it takes a lot of time to do so.In all honesty, though the meaning is conveyed in the song well, as of the first listen, you-the listener-probably just thinks of it as a good (or bad) song.

When you listen to it a couple more times, the lyrics, You don’t get something for nothing, you don’t get freedom for free, tells you a story. Or at least a message to keep close to your heart.To me, this song means that you have to truly and utterly work for what you believe in.

You can’t just wait. Wait for the days to get better when they seem so utterly dark. You can’t waste time not striving toward your goals.

Go ahead and forge a path of your own. It’s your will that will guide you along your way. It is your heart, mind, and soul that will take you to where you truly want to be.Now, what did I think inspired Something for Nothing? I know, at least from a couple of sources or so, that the writer (and drummer) Neil Peart, sometime in the early seventies, was driving with the band in Los Angeles to a show in the Shrine Auditorium. On the drive there Neil noticed graffiti-splattered against the wall: “Freedom isn’t for free,” and adapted it into a song.

And if you heard that song, that sentence is a lyric that comes up quite a bit in the chorus. It isn’t exactly stated that way, but it’s there.Also, just as a fact, free will and freedom to do what you wish comes up a lot in songs for Rush written by Neil. The band also is a progressive rock, hard rock, and very heavy metal at a lot of points in time too.Regarding this song, Peart states, “All those paeans to American restlessness and the American road carried a tinge of wistfulness, an acknowledgment of the hardships of the vagrant life, the notion that wanderlust could be involuntary, exile as much as freedom, and indeed, the understanding that freedom wasn’t free.”Really speaking, Something for Nothing is a song that isn’t perfect.

But the song does fit the chord progression together seamlessly. Or the fact that every instrument that holds out Geddy’s voice backs it well. It is a song that, be it as it may, didn’t change much of Rush’s experience, it does have a heavy meaning to the fact that all of us are under rules.

You don’t get what you want, not all the time, but try, and maybe you’ll make your own song. Your own chorus of accomplishments and mistakes, and you will feel proud for living. But as a reminder, from Psalm 119:45: “I will walk about in freedom, for I have sought out your precepts.”