In the United States the highest numberof animal testing is in California, which has 143 state laboratories. Thelowest state is New Hampshire with two state owned laboratories. (“ResearchAnimal Fundamentals”). Animal Testing is putting medical experiments intoresearch and testing on the animal. The opposing point may think that animaltesting could beneficial to many standers, which includes the relationship withhumans and animals. Animals that are used for testing gives pain and sufferingto the animals, this is not worth the medical experiments.Testingon animals for medical experiments gives them pain and suffering. George Wrightand Steve Hoagland explain in their article “Counterpoint: Animal Testing isCruel and Immoral Regardless of the Benefits Associated with it,” the sufferingthe animals go through.

For example, George Wright and Steve Hoagland identifymany animals around the world have seen death because of the experiments. Some animalscompared to us, humans, have indistinguishable nerve structure for feelingpain. “Does the squeal of a pig or the yelp of a puppy indicate less pain thanthe ‘ouch!’ of a human?” Wright and Hoagland state that animals have the samefeeling as humans and if it gives the animals pain, there are many other waysof doing the medical experiments without the testing on animals. In conclusion,the sound admitted by animals during procedures still give the announcement ofpain. Animalshave suffered from the different types of laboratories from their examination,and loneliness. One example is that they identify that experimental procedures,and confinement in laboratory environments.

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These are two places for the painof animals that live in the experimental labs. In these laboratories, theanimals are exposed to toxic drugs, and chemicals. This may cause the animalsto have after effects on their life. Animals also have to be force fed, gettingblood drawn, food impoverishment, and water poverty.

Some dastardly laboratoryprocedures target animals and go through making animals have pain. Many otherexamples that happen in these types of labs include, “abnormal heart rhythms,strokes, and other cardiovascular traumas in monkeys, dogs, pigs, and otheranimals” (“Problems Associated with Animal Experimentation”). Overall, animalsin special labs still feel the pain and suffer from the medical testing. Besidesthe suffering of animals, they are also affects, but the space needed to stayin the labs.

When the animals are needed to stay in the laboratories the animalssuffer from loneliness. One example states, “suffer social deprivation insmall, often barren cages enclosed in windowless rooms.” Animals can showemotion on where they are staying and if it is all alone. This is a basic needthat all animal requires for themselves (Hope R. Ferdowsian, Nancy Beck). Overall,when testing on animals, it gives them pain while the medical investigation butalso for the cellars the animals are needed to stay in.