Inthe United States, registered Apprenticeship has been used as a means toproduce skilled workforce for over 75 years. It is an exceptional trainingdesigned to be undertaken on-the-job and it provides opportunities for bothworkers and employers. This program is a platform for linking job seekers toemployers who seek qualified workers.The New York’s Bushwick Campus Farmencourages growing food crops in the City. Its goal is to enhance Urban Farming through grassroots actions,education and advocacy in its immediate community. Bushwick Campus Farm is growingfast.

Their goal is to take responsibility of the community’s well-beingthrough food guarantee. The organization develops and manages many urbanagricultural projects.  The organizationmain interest is coming up with new effective design solutions that will help boostfood-crops farming. This organization is registeredwith the Department of labor’s Apprenticeship program. It carefully investigatesbright individuals tow work at the agricultural Company through the RegisteredApprenticeship program as greenhouse attendants. The program offers excellent advantagesto workers by giving them a chance to achieve a gain working future. They willexperience constant training and gain improvement of productivity.  Training is flexible under the curriculums approvedby the department of labor.

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Through this program, the Urban Farming Companyserves as a national certified company. Apprentices work under the farm managersfor five days every week (Monday to Friday) and they will be engaged at theirdiscretion in other emerging summer jobs at the farm. They will, however, focuson Greenhouse Maintenance in their daily activities. This apprenticeship isdesigned to model those with little or no field experience in Greenhousemaintenance and service. The working prospects will include propagation, plantsales, hydroponics and coaching new recruits on the variety of skills they havealready achieved.

The apprenticeship will also include active focus oncommunity engagement; outreach, education and production by having the learnerstake regular field trips to predetermined agricultural sites. The apprenticeswork in groups and attend a weekly workshop hosted by the director of the farm.The apprenticeship focus of The BushwickCampus Farm is teaching necessary skills for food growing. Apprentices stand togain knowledge by observation, practicing, handling group duties assigned bythe manager and teaching others. Apprentices who prove to excel in the program areissued certifications by the Department of Labor. The organization’s managementhas a vast resource base spreading over the United States, Mexico and SouthAmerica. There is free interaction between the farm and teachers/ lecturers,students, parents and the larger community.

The Bushwick Campus Farm collaborateswith growers, scholars and activists from all states in the U.S. The Company requires theapprentices to work for 35 hours per week for a period of at least three months.It seeks to recruit people who are social and independent, individuals who areprepared to exercise creativity and leadership and who have a passion fororganic farming.

The recruits must however have some basic formal training in foodjustice, irrigation, propagation or growing soil; similar courses will beconsidered. Interested persons should send their cover letters and resumes tothe supervisor using E-mail contact: [email protected] The Campus Farmis located in Bushwick, Brooklyn at 400 Irving Avenue.

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