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However, events can besides be classified harmonizing to their intent and the motive behind either keeping or go toing the event, non to the peculiar sector to which they belong. An illustration of this is Shone ( 2001 ) which provides a good word picture of events:

Shone, operates on the theory that events are organised and categorised depending on the motive behind the event and they are therefore one of the four particular events above. By utilizing both of these thoughts of word picture they can be interlinked to depict the type of event and the motive behind the event.

Mega Events are those events which are so big that they affect whole economic systems whether this be in one peculiar country or international economic systems. And these types of events tend to derive planetary media coverage. Mega events are normally developed and organised following competitory command. Events such as these can suit into all of the features of Shonei??s ( 2001 ) theory, and it hence depends upon the position to which you are looking at the event. However in the event of a mega event it would look that a mega event such as this would concentrate on organizational and cultural facets as the motive for it to be held. As many states, hence political facets, and cultures become involved with the administration of such an event and the taking topographic point. Even though for those go toing this could be interpreted as a personal event. An illustration of this would be the Olympic Games. Which Started 776 BC in Greece has been come an of import portion of universe and Grecian civilization and tradition. The Olympic Games is an event which is known universe broad. It is a mega event due to the fact that it encounters a broad and huge scope of civilizations and civilizations. A mega event such as the Olympic Games will convey many benefits politically, economically and socially to the hosting state. Athinais, the host of the following Olympic Games in 2004, will derive many long term touchable benefits. These benefits being:

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i?? 65000 new permanent occupations

i?? 120 kilometers of new route

i?? 290000 new trees

i?? 11 million new bushs

i?? A new international airdrome

i?? An expanded tube system

i?? A new, extremist modern traffic direction Centre

i?? Increase in Tourism

i?? A $ 1.3 billion encouragement in public sector gross

i?? 35 % betterment of the quality of the environment

( )

As the above shows there are many benefits that keeping a mega event can accomplish whether it be the Olympic Games or non as the addition in touristry will ensue in disbursement, enlargement etc so the multiplier consequence will happen in footings if economic sciences. As a consequence of keeping such a big international event the industry within Greece will harvest great wagess in footings of transit substructure, telecommunications, and the environment even though the local country may interrupt before and during the event, the political, environmental, and societal impact that it leaves behind will carry people that the overall impact of the event is positive for the country and its population. Due to the complexness of a mega event it is really hard for other events to come under this header so those that do be given to be:

i?? The Olympic Games,

i?? Paralympic Games,

i?? Fifa World cup,

i?? IAAF universe titles.

Getz ( 1997, P6 ) defines mega events i??by the manner of their size or significancei?? and goes on to explicate that mega events yield high degrees of touristry, coverage of the media and economic impacts for the host or finish.

Hallmark events are those events associated and identified within the ethos or spirit of town, metropolis, or part of a state. They are so extremely associated with the country that their name becomes connected and extremely associated with the event. Examples of these are:

i?? Rio carnival

i?? Tour de France

i?? The Edinburgh Festival

i?? Notting Hill carnival

Cultural events tend to be interlinked with major events as due to the media coverage they attract important Numberss of visitants. These types of events stem from traditional paths or festivals. Major musicals such as Phantom of the Opera reap considerable touristry gross for Londoni??s west terminal and are classified as cultural events. Festivals within the events industry which involves the humanistic disciplines have a clear specific programme delivered with a clear intent which can be usefully applied. Cultural events harmonizing to Bowdin ( 1999 ) can be sub classified. These are as follows:

i?? High profile cultural event, tend to hold a battalion of purposes in order to be able to make the highest criterions, to derive a high degree of media coverage, to make a wide breath of the population and to bring forth high degrees of income.

i?? Festivals which celebrate a peculiar location are festivals which aim to convey people together to observe their local country. These events frequently feature a big figure of local groups.

i?? Art signifier festivals, offer alone chances for those wishing to see the peculiar event and the art signifiers associated with it.

i?? Celebration of work by a community of involvement, are festivals which highlight a peculiar group, an illustration of this being a fund-raising musical concert raising money for the NSPCC. These events frequently contain a big proportion of participatory workshops.

i?? Calendar events, these are cultural or spiritual festivals, Christmas for illustration. Autochthonal traditions of big graduated table assembly have by and large died off within the UK. However foreign influences have brought carnivals and melas which enhance the cultural mix of festivals within the UK.

i?? Amateur humanistic disciplines festivals, this is a low profile sector but still reasonably big affecting 1000s of people.

i?? Commercial music festivals are the most commonly known and accompanied cultural events. Commercial music festivals take topographic point in most major metropoliss and even outside, for illustration Robbie Williams has performed at Knebworth.

New leisure markets ( 1995 ) has identified that the UK musical cultural events industry is divided between individual subject and multi-theme events. The individual subject events tend to be: folk events with 35 % of the market, Classical ( 15 % ) , Jazz ( 15 % ) , Literature ( 5 % ) , and movie ( 5 % ) . It has been estimated by Mintel ( 2000 ) that the unrecorded music event industry was estimated to be deserving i??361 million in 2000. Of which stone and dad counted for around 76 % .

As shown cultural, organizational, personal and leisure eve