In the past whenthe places were ruled by a king there were no such things as normal peoplepower.

Kings had all the power and made their own rule that was fit for them,going against them was considered a great felony, normal people were powerlessand helpless, so some likeminded people came together to form a group thatwould over throw the monarchy and established their own government which hadall the power of the state. This kind of power was firstly seen in America asthey revolted against The Great Britain for their independence on July 4th1776. A simple definition of a political party is a group of people who havesimilar ideology who come together to make their state a better place for everyone by gaining all power of that particular state. Similarly, Nepal was amonarchy state from the time of the unification of Nepal. Only recently Nepalgot its independence on May 28th 2008.

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Nepal simply did not get itsindependent people fought for a long time and Nepali Congress Party played avery vital role in this movement.Nepali congress party which is known asCongress in Nepal. Nepali Congress Party is one of the biggest and oldest partyin Nepal. Congress party was established in 1946 in Calcutta India as thefounder of this party Bishweshwar Prasad Koirala was sent to exile from Nepal.Nepali Congress Party formed by merging two political parties Nepali NationalCongress and Nepali Democratic Congress. Its main objective at the time were toestablish democratic system with a constitutional monarchy and to makepolitical awareness to the people to overthrow the century old Rana reign. Nepalwas united by the King Prithivi Narayan Shah, but in 1846 everything changed.In 1846 a local head of the certain partof Nepal Mahtpar Singh Thapa was killed trying to gain power, during this timehis nephew Jung Bahadur Kurwar rose in power from inside the palace.

Because ofthis blind rising power Jung Bhadaur organized a most brutal massacre known inthe history of Nepal which is also known as Kodh parwa(i.e. Kodh festival) inwhich he slaughtered all the members of royal family and usurped the statepower. Rajendra shah who was about to be a king knew about this massacre anddid not attain it.  “In 1846, JungBahadur Rana carried out a bloody coup, stripped the Shahs of political powerand established a hereditary all-powerful Rana regime. While other independentcountries in the world were going through a scientific technological andindustrial revolution, the Nepali society remained isolated and feudalismcontinued as the order of the time.”(nepalicongress.

org/introduction).After themassacre Jung bahadur Kuwar changed his name to Jung Bahadur Rana and startedRana reign .In the next day of massacre Jung Bahadur Rana swore a vow towardsEnglish residence to be loyal. He made the king Rajendra shah the titular headand opened a position as prime minister for himself and which could beinherited by his family members. Jung Bahadur Rana was one the charismatic and mostpowerful prime minister of Nepal. Because of this there was a conflict betweenKings and Ranas which ended after 104 years of despotic rule by Ranas when therevolution in 1951 occurred.To overthrow the Rana reign two majorparty helped they were Prachanda Gorkha and Nepali Praja Parishad the firstparty Prachanda chakara was inspired by Mahatma Gandhi’s chakra movement. Thehead of this party was a social reformer Tulsi Mehar who launched chakramovement which main objective was to create employment and educate people anddevelop labor skill for the people of the Kathmandu valley by using localproduct to produce cotton clothes in home.

Second was Nepali Praja Parishadwhich ran under the leadership of Tanka Prasad Acharya whose main goal was topurpose democracy in Nepal it was supported by King Tribhuwan. Rana knew aboutthis and sentenced the four leaders of Nepali Praja Parishad for death and eventhe King Tribhuwan was found guilty. Rana could not dethrone King Tribhuwanbecause of political risks. As this was going in Nepal, two other parties withdifferent ideology was formed in India first one being Nepali congress Partyand another was the Communist Party of Nepal (CPN).After the Second World War India was aboutto be independent from British Colonial which send a lot of information toNepalese people first was that with the end of British rule in India Rana losttheir political support from British, also the transition of India from colonyto democracy inspired Nepali people to establish Nepali political parties andhelp those parties to establish democracy in Nepal. These developments inNepali people to form democracy helped Nepali Congress to launch a movementagainst Rana with the help of communist Party of Nepal and King Tribhuwan.

“TheNepali Congress announced that the ?ght was for the establishment of “full democracy”in Nepal coupled with political and economic justice, constitutional monarchy,land reform, and land distribution”(page 36 ,S. Bhandari). This movement knownas Jana Andolan 1(which directly translates to mass movement 1) of 1951 endedthe autocratic rule of Ranas. In December of 1950 India set up an agreementbetween King Tribhuwan, Nepali Congress Party and Ranas and Ranas accepted theproposal on January 1951.Nepali Congress Party ended the movement. After theend of Rana regin King Tribhuwan arrived in Kathmandu from New Delhi and made a”proclamation with a commitment that “the people be ruled by a democraticconstitution framed by a constituent assembly elected by the people” (page 36,Bhandari).

This was supposed to mark the end of an autocratic era and begging ofdemocratic era in political history of Nepal. Though the Rana regin ended butthe monarchy never left Nepal .We had to go a long way to see democracy inNepal to be more specific it took six decades to abolish monarchy from Nepal.In 1956 Nepali congress Party adopteddemocratic Socialism and its main ideology. This ideology simply means thatbusiness and investor have private finance but the government provides freeeducation, health service, food, housing communication and transportation forthose who do not benefit from monopoly capitalism Nepali Congress Party alsowant to establish society based on the value of pluralism so that there wouldnot be the cast system that we had ad still followed in some parts of Nepal. Thisparty strictly believes in plural Democracy with liberal values.

This partywants to have strong state role in social sector, reduce poverty, protection ofenvironment and build infrastructure. This party wants to provide free healthservice, education, communication and all the basic needs to the people who donot benefit from the private companies.There are more than 33 political partiesin Nepal and they have their own ideology.

One of the famous party in Nepal isCommunist Party of Nepal (UML).The main ideology of UML is based on thecommunist ideology written by Karl Marx, Mao Zedong and Vladimir Lenin thatdescribes that from the early time when we were in wild hunting animals tosurvive we adopted the primitive communism .Communism states that everyoneshould be equal, there is no such thing as rich and poor. The definition ofrich and poor should not have any meaning the dictionary of communism. Thesetwo parties have very different ideology.

(NCP) Nepali Congress Party representsthe middle class and upper middle class, some city laborers and looks after thelow class people who cannot not afford food, health and education whereas the(UML) Communist Party of Nepal represents the poor people and wants to makeeveryone have same life style. After the abolishment of monarchy on May 28th2008 these two parties collided many times but in the end majority of peoplevoted for Nepali Congress Party and NPC was victorious against Communist Partyof Nepal.Nepali Congress Party has been accusedmany times from their opponent party that they mainly represent capitalists andsome royal family members.

Nepali Congress Party follows democracy but thereare times when the party leaders are accused that they were not workingaccording to democratic values. Even the youth of this party reported thatNepali Congress party did not work according to democratic values in thereevery day activities. This party played a major role to abolish monarchy andsince then it has been in power several times and in those time some of itsmost charismatic leaders were subjected for corruption scandals. There was somenews that some of the influential leaders of this party even sold some portionof Nepali land to India for some money and to gain some power in Nepal as weknow that India plays a major role in electing government because of the treatythat was signed by King Tribhuwan when Nepali Congress Party started massmovement against Ranas.

Many people believe the conspiracy theory that NepaliCongress Party with the help of Indiana government killed the King Birendra andtheir family members in June 1st 2001, just to get the power andover throw the monarchy in May 28th 2008. There have been somerumors that in recent election we are having, our prime minister Sher BahahdurDeuba allowed the corrupted convicts to run for the election. Many believe inrecent days this party has done no praiseworthy job but rather their action hasmade the image of Nepal worst in nation wise.

As a supporter of Nepali Congress Partyand a person who has work with them in rural areas, I do not believe all theaccusation made towards this party. I don’t believe that this party representsthe rich and royal family members because they were formed to establishdemocracy in Nepal and even if they represented the upper class people therewas no chance that they would win any election and get the state power, anaccusation made the opponent party might be some smart tactics to make then losean election and have more number of people vote against Nepali Congress Party.As we studied earlier not every time media tells the truth sometimes it can bemade up just make the viewers interest in the following topic and increase thenumber of viewers. The news about charismatic leaders subjected for corruptionmay be a hoax to make more people read the story, and writing a controversialthings about an influential leader is always a good news and best way toincrease the viewers.  A conspiracy theoryis simply a belief that some influential party is responsible for certainevent. So if someone finds a small patterns in some random events they tend tobelieve it blindly, but you if you study them properly then you can realizethat Nepali Congress Party came to Nepal with the help of the King and this wasthe party which made a constitutional monarchy rather than throwing themcompletely and establish a democratic government altogether. Things like notworking according to democratic values in there every day activities might betrue because sometimes working to democratic inside the office might cause aproblem let us suppose that the a young person is elected in an office to makedecision who has less experience, he/she might look at a problem straightly agive an answer but sometimes getting an answer is not enough you have to decidewhether the answers satisfies everyone and does not have any negative impact ona certain group of people .Opinionon the rumor may differ from people to people.

Some might believe it some maynot.            My grandfather was one of therepresentative of Nepali Congress Party and was elected as a mayor of hisdistrict. At the time when Nepali people were threatened by communist rebelswho wanted to end all the democratic parties by any means possible.

In thosetimes when communist rebels would go on a rampage killing who supported valuesof democracy and who identified as a member of Democratic Party my grandfatherwould go on educating people about the democracy and democratic socialism. Hewas never scared of those rebels and would always say that to have a change youhave to start with you, then your family and after that your community andnever be scared if you are doing a good thing for people. He donated heavilyfor the people living in his community who did not get any crops becausedrought, who lost their house and properties in the landslide, who could notcelebrate their festival. People in his community respected him and always cameto his house if they had any problem or any event they wanted to organize. Fiveyears back we had a major landslide that occurred in dang (which is part ofNepal) during that period of time he donated a part of his land to the peoplewho lost their homes.

He was the savior of the people living there because ofthis he nick name was baje (which directly translates to grandfather).            Nepal is home to almost 30 millionpeople and with more than 33 parties. People have their own opinion towards allthe parties in Nepal. Some may prefer Nepali Congress other may preferCommunist Party of Nepal and may even prefer National Democratic Party ofNepal.

Most of the people in Nepal are fed up with monarchy and we don’t wantbe a communist country. Right now all we want to be is democratic country wherewe have right for free public speech. In early days we had cast system anduntouchability was a main issue but now we want to get rid of these system andwe want a country where everyone is treated equally which any discrimination,only one party can fulfil these needs of ours and that is Nepali Congress Partyas they have been fighting for more than 71 to establish a pluralism in thiscountry, they failed many times because it is very hard to have a major changeis a small period of time.

Right now this is our only hope to establish a fulldemocratic Socialism country which practices pluralism.            Comparingthe present Nepali Congress Party to the old Congress party is really a harddecisions because they had to face different problems in past then the problemthat they face in this present time. In the past it’s faced a problems like howto establish a political party in a nation where people had autocratic powerand even they were able to throw it, another problem they faced was to rise ina nation where it was still ruled by a monarchy.

The problem they face inpresent day is to be in top of the list among the 33 parties and win anelection by majority vote, they have to compete with 33 parties. The presentday Nepali Congress Party is comparatively bad then the past NCP, right now wehave a bad party leaders, they believe that the foundation that was laid by thepast NCP will help them win the election easily even if they do nothing for thebetter of the country. The current prime minister Sher Bhadur Deuba who is therepresentor of NCP has had a lot of issues with his behavior that he showed inthe media. For example once he was interviewed by our local new station wherehe was asked that “from past sixty years in Britain only people who havestudied in a reputed Universities, person who speaks for the youth and knowsproblem which are related towards youth but in Nepal there are no such peoplewho are elected, who represent youths why is that?” (????????? ???? ?????????|Saja sawal) After hearing this question our prime minister got furious and toldhim that that is was an unnecessary question and started arguing with the manwho asked him this question.

There are a lot of people saying that the electionwas rigged and he does not deserve to be a prime minister.            Overall Nepal has gone through a lotof political changes in more than 200 years first we were a monarchy state thenwe became an autocrat state which was ruled by Ranas, ending of Rana reign madeour nation have a constitutional monarchy  and again in 2008 were over threw monarchy andbecame a democratic country. Because of this volatile government Nepal ishaving a lot of problems related to development and basic infrastructure, Nepalis still developing and who knows how long it will take for Nepal to be adeveloped nation. We elected our first government and thought that they wouldhelp us achieve a better living standard to all the Nepalese but the problem wegot was a corrupted government. We hope that the political parties learn theimportance of normal people and their opinions because we can dissolve anygovernment we want if they do not function according to public.